Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough - Charlie Don't Surf - Raiding the Home

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough - Charlie Don't Surf - Raiding the Home
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Raiding the House

We’re moving in on Al-Asad’s position for this one. You can fire at the soldiers on the ground if you want to kill some time during the ride. You don’t have to do it though, since they won’t hit you. Once you drop down to the street, you just have to follow your squad forward and down the alley to get to Al-Asad’s position.

Wait for Vasquez to stack up and blow the door charges. They’ll charge inside and take out the first two guys. Move downstairs and toss a flashbang into the room. This should make the next part a whole lot easier. Shoot the first guy directly across from you and clear out the two men who should run to the right. Advance a bit to the left and get ready to clear out the little room. Knife the one right by the door and gun down the man next to him. Switch out your pistol for a shotgun that should be laying on the floor. We’ll need this in a minute.

Advance up to Vasquez’s position and get ready to clear the other storeroom. Toss in a flashbang and charge the stunned enemies. There are about three men on the right side. The shotgun should tear them to pieces. Get to the back corner and gun down the next three men who should charge through the doorway. Get to the stairwell behind them to trigger the confirmation from the other squad. It seems like Al-Asad is a little ways away. Move out and join up with Vasquez as he advances past the barbwire.

Pushing Forward

Look down the side street and shoot the four men. You can also blow up the cars to take them out. We can actually take three possible paths to the goal. There are the alleys on the left and right along with a big street down the center. I personally like sticking to the big street since there’s more freedom to move. Stick forward and watch out for the burning cars. There’s a whole lot of soldiers moving in on us. If you can toss a grenade or blow up the cars, then you should be able to thin them out a lot.

Get to one of the blown up cars and use the frame for cover. Watch the rooftops for any stragglers and carefully move up. You can go to one of these rooftops if you want, but they don’t actually give you too good of a position. Get out to the courtyard, but watch out for the technical. The gunner on back of it can do a lot of damage. You should be able to hit him with a quick burst. If not, carefully move up and take him and the driver out.

The Courtyard

Move up and get ready to take the next street. Toss a grenade and open up on the large group of soldiers moving forward. If you can thin them out now, then moving down the street is a whole lot easier. Move up and turn the corner at the end. The walls at the end are great cover for the final courtyard.

Lean out and focus on taking out the gunners on the balcony. Then focus on thinning out the group of soldiers inside the makeshift fort in the center. Move up and to the left. There are two marines by some roadblocks that should keep you covered. They’re also your rally point. Move past them to get up to the TV station.

The TV Station

This is probably one of the toughest parts in the game. You’ll need a lot of luck and quick reflexes to make it through. Approach the door and wait for Vasquez to breach it. Follow him inside and work your way to the control room. Pull out a shotgun and move into the room with the computer towers. Clear it out and move forward to the main room with all the TVs.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Charlie Don’t Surf - The TV Station

Alright, to survive we need to get to some cover. If you didn’t follow my advice and grab a shotgun before, there’s another shotgun right by the first cubicle. Grab it and move forward. Go into the office area directly across from you and clear it out. There should be about 2 men inside, but they might run out. Kill them and move toward the other room ahead. Look up and take out a guard who may be on the balcony. Then continue to fire and wait for a moment. You probably should just wait for Vasquez to make it up to us. This part is a lot easier if you have someone watching your back.

Your biggest problem is that the soldiers love to throw grenades at you and they’ll also storm right in, so watch the door and wait for an ally or two to show up. When the coast is fairly clear, run forward to the other little office across from you. Kill the man inside and lay down. Watch the door and stand up carefully. Keep firing and thin out the crowd. There’s a little hallway just to the left of our office. Go inside and use this area as a defensive position. This should stop the spawning. We just need to hold out and kill the stragglers. Once the last one dies, Vasquez should advance and open up the double doors.

Follow him out and join up with Griggs' squad. Follow them upstairs and out onto the roof. Watch the parking lot for the new group of enemy soldiers. Take some of them out while you wait. Griggs should open up the doors in back. Move in and go over to the next door in back. Stack up with the marines and wait for them to breach it. Storm the TV station broadcasting room to realize that no one’s home.

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