Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough - Blackout

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Walkthrough - Blackout
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Silent Entry

This is the first true mission of Call of Duty 4. We’re moving into the ultranationalist camp to rescue Nikolai. There’s a lot of fighting first though. Move on forward and help Price quietly snipe the guards. There’s one on the bridge, one behind him, and 2 inside the camp.

Move forward to the next camp. You’re supposed to use claymores here, but I found them useless. Snipe the guard sitting in the chair, and then fire right through the wall to kill the men inside the first cabin. Look forward and gun down any stragglers that respond.

Follow Price forward and through the house. You’ll come out in the field with some new Russian friends. Kamarov is waiting for you. Link up with him and move on to the open space in the fence. We’ve got a little sniping to do.


Snipe the two men in front of the guardhouse and then keep on eye on the window. Snipe the two machine gunners. You’ll need to fire a few shots through the wall to take out one of them.

Once the gunners are down, you’re pretty much free. Look forward and snipe the incoming Russians if you want. Kamarov’s men are pretty much set once you clear the guardhouse, but you might as well help. When the helicopters swing in, things will change up a bit. Follow Price and Gaz forward to counter the helicopters.

Move on up and take cover with Gaz by the big rock. Use the grenade launcher to lay down some fire on the first wave of Russian soldiers moving toward you. Focus on firing right at the slope. If you get a lucky shot, you can take out most of the first wave. Use a few more to thin out the groups behind cover.

Move forward to the house and try to push up to the oven and refrigerator by the end. You should be able to survive behind this cover. Just keep leaning out and picking the soldiers off. Take out the left first to cover your flank. Then look to the right and take out anyone coming forward. Once you’ve thinned out the group, you’ll need to move up to another gap and snipe again.

Just focus on thinning out the line of Russians so that Kamarov’s men can advance. You shouldn’t take any fire, so it’s just a shooting gallery. Move through the power station for Price’s little interrogation of Kamarov. We’re done with sniping for now.

Saving Nikolai

Move into the village and stick to the left side. The loyalists are on the right, so watch your fire. You don’t want to kill any allies. Fire on the few surviving Russians in front and then get into the building on the left. Knife the two Russians who charge forward, and then fire on the next one that should try to retreat. Watch the windows to the left for ultranationalists outside. They can ambush you quite easily.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare - Blackout - They’re Fish in a Barrel

Get outside and join up with the allies mopping up the village. Follow Price forward and stack up by the door. Once the power’s killed, put on your nightvision goggles and go inside. Shoot the first guy by the door. It’s basically just fish in a barrel at this point.

Shoot the man by the bottom of the steps while he’s trying to find his way. Go up the steps and shoot the man cowering in the corner. Gaz should come up the balcony and take out the bulk of the men inside. Approach the final corner of the house, but be ready to run. The man behind the door ahead should throw out two grenades and blindfire toward you. Wait for the grenades to explode and then put a few rounds through the door to kill him. Go down the hallway and knife the Russian who should charge out of Nikolai’s room. With that, we’re done. Wait for Price to help Nikolai to his feet, and then follow them out to the helicopter waiting by the front door. Jump inside and get ready for a long ride home.

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