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Frag, Flash, Stun, and Smoke

This is a guide to the four different grenade types available to you in the Windows PC game Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat. The purpose of this guide is to tell you what each grenade does and how to use them most effectively against your opponent. The main thing you have to watch out for with all of these grenades is that they can affect your teammates, too.


The frag grenade is the main combat grenade that deals out massive amounts of damage in a small area. Anyone standing too close to one of these when it goes off will be killed instantly. Even if you are several feet away, you take a lot of damage. These are great for tossing into areas where people travel. They also work well for clearing rooms. The downside to them is that they make a ‘clink’ sound when they hit the ground and most people will be able to get out of the way unless they are backed into a corner. Enemy players can also pick up your grenade and throw it back at you. If you are playing online in a map that has friendly fire turned on, you have to be real careful where you toss these things.


The flash grenade is great for blinding your opponent so that you can take them out while they are still trying to see what’s going on. In order for this to work, they have to be facing in the direction of the grenade when it goes off. The effect last for several long seconds. You have to be really careful when you throw these because you might blind yourself in the process. These flash grenades will affect all players regardless of whether or not friendly fire is turned on, so be careful or you’ll make the rest of the team mad at you. They will also do a little bit of damage if you make a direct hit to an opponent.


The stun grenade works basically the same way that the flash grenade does in that it disorients the enemy for several long seconds and gives you the opportunity to take them out. The main differences between this and the flash grenade is that you don’t have to be facing the stun grenade when it goes off, but the stun grenade has a somewhat smaller radius of impact. These are best used for clearing rooms, especially for taking out snipers in upper stories of buildings. They also do a little damage upon direct impact.


This grenade doesn’t deal any damage, but it is especially useful in the game to provide cover while your guys try to move through open spaces. When it goes off, it creates a giant cloud of thick smoke that climbs high into the sky. It’s perfect for tossing into open alleyways so you can prevent snipers from nailing you as you cross. Another thing I’ve found with these smoke grenades is that the smoke effect can be very taxing on some lower-end video cards, so you can expect a big drop in the frame rate if your system can’t handle it. Until I recently upgraded my video card to an Nvidia 8600 GT, I had problems every time a smoke grenade was tossed.

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