Playing Call of Duty 4 Online: How NOT to be Annoying

Some play for fun, others play to win

Call of Duty 4 is a great online shooting game. It is one of the most popular PC games being played right now, and for good reason. What keeps most people coming back to it is the excellent online play because it is so fast-paced and fun. However, you may occasionally run into what’s known online as a griefer. These are the people who cheat and exploit the game to try and get ahead, and they often ruin the experience for everyone else.

In Call of Duty 4, I’ve found two kinds of griefers: Those who deliberately break the rules and cheat other players, and those who get all power happy by creating their own tight rules and forcing everyone to go along. Naturally, cheaters are a nuisance and usually get dealt with pretty quickly, but the sticklers often have their way and there’s not much you can do about it. In this article, I am going to talk a little about the martyrdom perk, bunny hopping, and team killers.

To play Call of Duty 4 online, you must first connect to a server. This is all done within the game. Many people and gaming groups have their own servers. By doing so, they get to make their own server rules. Some players just play the game without any changes to the way it was originally made, but others like to customize the gameplay. Many gamers agree with this and some don’t.

The martyrdom perk is probably the most contested option in Call of Duty 4. This is the perk that allows you to drop a live grenade after you’ve been killed, and the idea is that your grenade will take out whoever just shot you. It also happens quite often that your grenade will kill a teammate. The case against the martyrdom perk is that it isn’t a righteous kill because you got it after you’d been killed. It also takes away from the realism of the game.

On many of the servers hosting Call of Duty 4, you’ll find server rules stating that martyrdom is not allowed. Since there is no way of really stopping people from playing with the perk turned on, it is up to the other players to tell on each other if somebody has that option enabled. I’ve seen people get kicked out of servers before, though many just turn it off and don’t worry about it. If you have it on, don’t deny to the others on the server that you have it, because it’s pretty easy to tell. If an admin notices, they might boot you for lying about it.

Ultimately, you are better off not having the martyrdom perk, especially if you want the respect of other players in the game. Sure, a kill is a kill and you get points just the same, but it takes no skill to use the martyrdom perk. That’s why so many people are against it.

Another thing that comes up all the time in online play is bunny hopping. This is when you jump up and down to avoid being shot. Some servers have rules specifically against it. This is one where I think the sticklers need to relax. It’s not cheating or doing anything wrong to jump around while being fired at. In fact, it’s good strategy. The people who complain are often the ones doing the shooting because it is hard to hit a moving target. If you get into a server where they disallowed bunny hoppers, you might as well just leave it.

Finally, there are the team killers. If friendly fire is enabled in the game, it allows you to kill other teammates. I’ve found the servers to be about half and half when it comes to allowing friendly fire. When it is turned on, you have to watch out for the people who randomly toss grenades without having a target, plus the people who unload their machine guns without watching where they are shooting. A real sign of an amateur is one who constantly kills other team members. It’s also a nasty way of keeping people from getting bonuses like helicopter and bomb attacks.

When you play Call of Duty 4 online, just remember that you are playing against other people. Like most any game, most people just like to play for fun, but there are always those few out there who can’t handle losing, and they will go out of their way to stack things in their favor. If you encounter a server full of people with a long list of rules that restrict the way you like to play, just back out of there and find somewhere else. If that’s how they want to have their fun, nobody says you have to play along.