How To Improve Your Game in Call of Duty 4

Run and gun…

I am an avid player of Call of Duty 4 and play online on a fairly regular basis. Several months ago, I reached the level 55 cap and have completed most of the challenges. I wrote this article to share some of my own personal tips for improving your CoD4 game, mainly in the online play.

First and foremost, you need to pick a favorite weapon, or at least a couple of favorites. There are many different types of gun you can use in the game, and most people develop a personal preference after a while. Some prefer shotguns while others like to play the sniper. Personally, I like the guns that have large ammo capacities and shoot really fast. You should take the time to try every type of gun before you settle on just one. Also know that when you go up in level, you’ll unlock better weapons.

Secondly, grenades are your friend. I daresay a third of my kills in the game have come from hand grenades. When I am in a hot area, the first thing I do is start chunking out the grenades to clear the way. They are especially helpful for clearing out second story rooms when you are down on the ground and an enemy soldier is hiding up there. Grenades can also take out two or three people at once, if they are crowded together. If somebody is hiding behind a car, you can use a grenade to blow up the car and kill the enemy as well.

When it comes to aiming, the best place to shoot your opponent is obviously in the head. However, this is the most difficult shot since it’s such a small target. The game registers more damage for upper body shots than it does extremities like legs, so my best advice is to train yourself to keep the crosshairs at about chest or neck level on other players. That way, you can pop off a few rounds as soon as somebody steps in front of you. It’s not an easy thing to do, but if you can master holding that crosshair in the prime spot, you’ll get a lot more kills.

Another thing that always helps is patience. When in close proximity to an enemy, you can often hear them. They can hear you, too. Sometimes you have to hang back and wait to see who will make the first move. Either that or toss a grenade in their general direction. It also greatly helps to keep moving, since the levels are designed in a way that there are not many good hiding spots, and most people quickly learn where they all are, anyway.

One thing you also have to watch out for is cheaters. It’s sad to say that cheaters are a pretty common thing in these games. Please don’t cheat at this game. The online community is pretty good about getting rid of players who use ‘aim bots’ (auto aiming programs) and other things that give them an unfair advantage. Don’t be too quick to accuse another player of cheating, but do keep a close eye on someone who seems to be too good. Just keep in mind that some people have mastered this game so well that it looks like they are cheating when they really are not.

In the end, this is a game where you need to practice a lot to improve your skills. After you’ve played the maps enough, you’ll remember where certain things are and the kind of paths that people seem to prefer. So find your favorite weapon, toss a few grenades, hold a steady aim, be patient, keep moving, and don’t cheat!

Have fun and happy gaming!