Xbox 360 Gamers Call of Duty 4 "Free For All" Hints & Tips

Xbox 360 Gamers Call of Duty 4 "Free For All" Hints & Tips
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Never lose at “Free For All” mode again

Call of Duty 4 strategies and tactics can be had from any COD 4 junky. the true way to win is to move around at a measured pace, using your wits in each situation, using your instincts and reactions to keep you alive, turning, moving, weaving, gliding, and then doubling back when you feel its necessary is the free wheeling style that can make you the Free for All god you always thought you were. We have made a few assumptions in the writing of this article; that you’re at least level 55 and can legally locate any of the weapons and perks in the game.

Always try to think about the amount of time you’re leaving your back exposed as you move around the map, and if you can cover one side by staying close to a wall as you move. If moving down a long hallway or narrow alley stop at any objects that you can use to cover your exposure from one side to stop and assess for a few moments and then move on to the end of the hallway or alley. When moving around and you think you’ve been located and are being tracked, it’s always a good tactic to take every turn that appears to minimize the chance of being shot in the back. Reload at every opportunity and keep reloading, after expending ammo hide behind something, crouch with your back to the object, reload, and then move immediately.

Make sure to use the crouch ability whenever possible in combat, you have a split-second to decide whether to start shooting or crouch behind something and let them waste their bullets. After you get use to their timing you should be able to tell when to jump up between their shots and fire back. It takes experience to know when to duck and cover and when to pull the trigger though.

I use the Fabrique Nationale P90 with a Red Dot Sight as my main gun, you may have heard of it as a “noob” gun, but you need to reach Rank 40 Colonel to unlock it. It does surprising damage, is extremely fast on the trigger, and is light weapon, so it won’t slow you down. The P90 was ideally made for short range but it can be effective at medium and long range if you use quick squeezes on the trigger, rather than continuous bursts. You’ll be running and gunning, so short range will be where most of your combat takes place, and the P90 is an excellent close range weapon.

After you learn how to survive for the first few frantic minutes of Free for All, you’ll play games where you’ll come across corpses of fallen soldiers on the ground, and their more important weapons. Keep your back to an object if possible and quickly switch to your pistol and exchange it for the soldier’s weapon. We think medium range or long range weapons make a good partner for your P90, so Carbines, M16s, and Light Machine Guns are good matches. This combination has several tactical possibilities on the maps; just remember to move around with your P90 in your hand.

Perk Choices for the Tiers:

Tier One: Choose Frag Grenade x 3

Tier 2: Choose Stopping Power, Long run

Tier 3: Martyrdom


Make strategic use of airstrikes and helicopters

Switch out your pistol as soon as you can

Picking the right perk choices is key to survival

Use the P90