Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Review - COD4 PC Game Review

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Review - COD4 PC Game Review
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CoD4 Rocks! (5 out of 5)

If you like to play FPS (first person shooter) games online, then Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the game to have for Windows PC. This game is very well done, insanely popular, and was what finally got me to give up on Battlefield 2 after many years of enjoyment. I’ve owned this game for many months and still play it at least every other day. After a long day of work, I find it therapeutic to get online with a couple dozen other people and shoot at them.

The previous Call of Duty games were set during World War II, and were quite good in their own right. I didn’t like the single player aspect of them quite as much as I did the multiplayer, mainly because I prefer the free roaming ability granted in the Battlefield games. I played Call of Duty 1 and 2, but never got into part 3. I wasn’t even going to consider this 4th episode until I started hearing so many great things about it. When I realized the game was based on modern weapons and not another WWII shooter, I jumped all over it.

The single player portion of this game is pretty good, though also very linear. It’s worth trying for the first few levels just to get a feel for the weapons and how the game plays. It’ll also help you to learn the maps. The real fun in playing this game is the online multiplayer. The last time I played, there were over 5,000 servers hosting dozens of players. You’ll have no problem finding someone to play with online, and it’ll probably be that way for a long time. Even games like Battlefield 2 still have plenty of players and it is several years old.

What makes the online part of this game so fun is how fast paced it is. The maps are very small compared to Battlefield 2, and you will die a lot more often. However, keeping the maps tight and everything in such close quarters also helps keep the pace of the game lightning fast. It helps that the maps were designed in a way that there are very few, if any, hiding places that give total concealment. This means you can’t just hide in a corner and snipe.

The graphics in this game are really good, though you will need a fairly high-end video card to get the most out of the visuals. I’m running an Nvidia 8400GS, which is the low end of the 8000 series cards, but my AMD 5000+ processor and 3 gigs of RAM help take up some of that slack. Just make sure your video card is DirectX 9.0c compatible or else the game won’t work on your machine. The only time my PC has any problem with the graphics is when somebody throws a smoke grenade in the game. For some reason, it kills my framerate.

I’ve been playing this game for quite a while now. Just on a whim, I decided to load up Battlefield 2 and see what it was like. While there were still a lot of people playing it, the gameplay just didn’t compare. The bottom line here is that if you enjoy these kinds of online shooting games, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is the best one out right now.

Technical note: I own an HP brand computer and initially had some problems getting the multiplayer portion of this game to work with Windows Vista. I checked around a few message boards and found out that there is a known problem with Realtek sound cards, which is the type of card built onto the motherboard of my HP system. All I had to do was go into the Control Panel – Sound, and enable the Stereo Mix option under the Recording tab. After that, everything worked fine. Hopefully, this will be fixed in a later patch update. I’ve come to understand that some other games have had similar problems with the Realtek chipset.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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