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Q: Sometimes when I pull up the newspaper missions, all I have are Kidnap missions. You said don’t take those?

A: Good question. It is also similar to the next one:

Q: Sometimes there are no missions with good enemy types. What do I do then? Just bite the bullet and fight some CoT or Tsoo?

A: NEVER! You never let the game tell you what to do! There are two ways to avoid this problem:

  1. If all the missions are Kidnaps, or if there are no missions against enemies you like, just zone out, zone back in, and check the paper again. You’ll have all new missions.

  2. If you are at the stage of the zone where you are still opening up inspiration stores from the contacts, use these times where you have bad newspaper missions to do one of the contact missions. Once you finish the contact mission, you’ll have all new newspaper missions.

Q: I’ve got rushing the missions down, but the “mayhem” missions every 3 or 5 missions are hard. Especially on higher difficulties, that is a lot of minions to kill.

A: Yes, sometimes those bank robbing missions can be tough depending on your build- especially if you have the difficulty jacked up. My advice for those is to:

  1. Make sure you are loaded up on inspirations.

  2. Don’t be afraid to exit the mission if things are looking grim. You can rest, reload, and re-enter.

There are also two ways to avoid these.

First: When you reach a certain level in a zone, your broker will stop giving you the bank robbery type missions. He/she will say something like “Sorry, I have nothing for you.” But then you’re able to take more newspaper missions. Usually this situation will last for 1 or 2 levels or so before clicking on the newspaper says “Events here are beneath your notice.”

Second: If you have already gotten the contacts you want from your broker, you can decline these missions and then immediately start taking newspaper missions again.

NOTE: The best “mayhem” mission in the villain side of the game is when you get to Rob the Chum Bucket (the real chum bucket, with the sign out front. Sometimes Kara the Scorpien says your mission is Rob the Chum Bucket, but its really a bank mission). That mission is really short, really easy, and worth tons of xp. If you have someone with AoE, you can round up the whole room and kill everything in one attack series. I used to do that with my fire/fire brute (and my wife’s ice/thermal corruptor). It was a beautiful thing.

Q: Which enemy types are your favorite?

A: Probably my all time favorite are the Council. Not only are they pretty easy (they don’t really do anything nasty or fancy), but for pure fun purposes I have this dream that if I kill enough of them, the 5th Column will return to power so we can kill Nazis again! I also like to kill Lost (bring break frees for Anathema and mezzing bosses), Freakshow, and at lower levels Trolls, Mooks, Family, and Goldbrickers. Sky Raiders are decent also, but porters and engineers (and their $%*& force field generators) are a pain. When you fight Sky Raiders, be ready to smack those engineers immediately so they don’t call down the force field generator.

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