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Tips for Running Missions Efficiently

TIP #1: It is really handy to have the right inspirations just in case. Before lvl 25 I like to carry 2 break frees, 1 acc, 1 red, 3 green, and 3 blue. After level 25, I add 1 more of each. If I am fighting a boss that can CC me, I’ll pop the break free in advance. I’ll almost always pop the yellow and red before killing the boss.

TIP #2: Kill the boss LAST. Make sure all nearby minions are killed and all glowies clicked. Why? Because then, as soon as the boss dies, the mission is complete. If a Freakshow boss resurrects or a Council Archon boss turns into a huge werewolf, you take a moment to fart in their general direction and then hit the blue (EXIT) button - laughing all the way… mission reward in hand.

TIP #3: The best way to have access to all the inspirations you need is to do 1 or 2 missions for a conveniently located contact in the zone. Once you have their store opened up, you don’t have to do any more of their unpredictable missions. After you complete 1 set of newspaper missions, your broker will give you a choice of contacts. I generally pick the one whose actual location on the map is most conveniently located for later shopping.

TIP #4: Rushing missions in this manner is most efficiently done solo. If you have a team, you are better off farming large spawns in missions spawned for 6 people.

TIP #5: Learn the enemy types that give missions in bad locations on your current map. For example, if you know Freakshow occasionally give the “layer cake” type cave mission, decline Freakshow missions even if one looks tempting.

TIP #6: Unless you are short on influence/infamy, destroy all TOs you find. Once you are in the later 20s/early 30s, destroy all DOs as well. Time spent running to a merchant to sell enhancements is time you could have spent rushing another mission or two.

Should Any of the Mayhems / Safeguards Be Skipped?

Do your research in advance and know which maps give which special powers for their mayhem/safeguard missions. Skip mayhems/safeguards for powers you want to save for later. The ones you are most likely to want to savee are:

Movement Increase - level 25-30

Endurance Increase - level 30-35

Health Increase - level 35-40

Life Insurance - level 40-45

Regeneration Increase - level 45-50

List of Mayhem Mission rewards. (Source: ParagonWiki)

List of Safeguard Mission rewards. (Source: ParagonWiki)

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