City of Heroes Badges, Guide to CoH Achievement Badges

City of Heroes Badges, Guide to CoH Achievement Badges
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The City of Heroes Achievement Badges are earned when a City of Heroes character reaches certain milestones in his or her crime-fighting career. There are eleven different categories into which these achievements fall, all of which are grouped together by type in this guide. While some can be earned with little to no effort, others, like the “Immortal” badge, can only be earned by true City of Heroes veterans.

Badges Earned Badges

Yes, the title is slightly confusing, but the following badges are awarded for acquiring the indicated number of badges. The first, “Tourist,” is awarded to those who earn a total of 10 badges. Heroes who increase their badge total to 25 will receive the “Collector” badge. Dedicated heroes can also earn the “Explorer,” “Pathfinder,” and “Trailblazer” badges at 50, 100, and 200 total badges, respectively.

Damage Badges

There are seven total badges awarded for taking increasing amounts of damage throughout the course of a vigilante’s career. The first of these, the “Tough” badge, is earned after a hero has taken 100,000 points of damage. “Indestructible” is awarded to those stalwart heroes who manage to endure 500,000 total damage.

“Adamant” is the reward for receiving 1,000,000 total damage, “Unbreakable” is awarded at 10,000,000 damage, “Nigh Indestructible” at 100,000,000 damage, and “Invlunerable” is the badge awarded to those dedicated heroes who take a total of 500,000,000 damage during their career. For the truly dedicated, the “Immortal” badge is awarded after taking 1,000,000,000 (yes, one billion) points of damage.

Experience Debt Badges

For those heroes who find themselves frequently struggling under massive experience debt, there are six badges that can be earned by paying it off: “Unwavering” is awarded for paying off 100,000 total xp debt, “Unyielding” is the reward for working through 400,000 debt, “The Unbroken Spirit” is awarded at 800,000 total debt, “Deathless” comes after 1,200,000 debt is repaid, “Undying” at 2,000,000 debt, and for the truly death prone, the “Exalted” badge is earned by repaying a total of 10,000,000 career experience debt.

Healing Badges

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For the medically-inclined hero, there are the healing badges. The “Medic” badge is the reward for those heroes who heal a total of 250,000 hit points in their career. “Surgeon” is awarded after healing 1,000,000 total HP. A hero who manages to heal for 2,000,000 total hit points will receive the “Doctor” badge.

Dedicated healers can earn the “Medical Specialist” badge after healing 10,000,000 total hit points, the “Medicine Man/Woman” badge at 50,000,000 total healing done, and the “Empath” badge upon healing a total of 100,000,000 hit points.

Immobilization Badges

There are six badges awarded for total time spent held by the various adversaries throughout Paragon City. The first, “Restrained,” is awarded at 30 minutes of total held time. “Entangled” is the reward for spending 2 total hours immobilized. Upon reaching a total hold time of 10 hours, a hero will receive the “Imprisoned” badge.

To earn the “Confined” badge, a hero must spend 20 total hours in a held state. “Caged” is awarded for 40 total hours of hold time and “Jailed” comes when a hero’s total hold time reaches 80 hours.

Influence Badges

There are six badges awarded upon reaching various influence milestones. Become a “Celebrity” by earning 1,000,000 total influence, a “Sensation” at 10,000,000 total influence, and a “Superstar” at 20,000,000 influence.

For the truly influential, there are the “Trendsetter,” “Popular,” and “Leader” badges earned at 100,000,000, one billion, and two billion total influence, respectively.

Leveling Badges

There are five achievement badges awarded at 10 level increments. “Protector of Innocents” is awarded to a hero who reaches level 10, “Keeper of Peace” is the reward for reaching level 20, “Defender of Truth” is the badge for those who reach level 30, “Justice Incarnate” comes at level 40, and heroes who reach level 50 receive the “Hero of the City” badge.

Mentor Badges

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There are six achievement badges awarded to those heroes who spend time grouped with a lower-level sidekick. A hero who mentors a younger crime fighter for 4 total hours will receive the “Advisor” badge. Mentoring for 8 hours will earn a hero the “Guide” badge. Those who serve as mentors for 12 total hours will receive the “Paragon” badge.

After 16 total hours of time spent with a sidekick, a hero will receive the “Role Model” badge. “Epitome” is the badge awarded for 20 total hours of mentoring and “Paradigm” is the badge for those who spend 24 total hours as a mentor.

Safeguard Mission Badges

For heroes who dedicate their lives to stopping villains from wreaking havoc in Paragon City, there are the Safeguard Mission Achievement Badges. Stop 10 bombing side missions to earn the “Bomb Squad” badge. Prevent 10 villains from committing arson to earn the “Fire Marshal” badge. “Interceptor” is the badge for those dedicated heroes who manage to disrupt 10 weapon deals inside Safeguard Missions.

Earn the “PPD Deputy” badge for saving 25 PPD agents that are being held hostage. Get the “Security Expert” badge for preventing 10 bank vaults from being plundered. Finally, the “Villain Disruptor” badge is for those who defeat 25 total villains during either the bank heist or jailbreak portions of a Safeguard Mission.

Rikti Invasion Badges

5 total badges are available to those who take part in defeating the Rikti within Paragon City. Get the “Bomb Specialist” badge for defeating 25 unexploded badges during a Rikti Invasion. The “Chief” badge is awarded for defeating 10 Rikti Heavy Assault Suits, and the “Sentry” badge is given to those who defeat 100 total Rikti During an invasion.

The “Demolitionist” badge is for those who plant 25 total bombs inside Rikti Motherships during Rikti Ship Raids and the “Master at Arms” badge is awarded for defeating U’Kon Gr’ai 10 total times.

Other Achievement Badges

The final three achievement badges don’t fit neatly into any of the above categories, so they’re listed here together.

Get the “Firebase Zulu Security Detail” badge for spending 3 total minutes in the Shadow Shard, the “Troll Task Force Member” badge for spending 1 total hour in The Hollows, and the “Master of Statesman’s Task Force” badge for finishing The Statesman’s task force without dying or using temporary powers.

That’s all of the achievement badges for heroes. Check out our guide to City of Heroes Exploration Badges for zone-by-zone listings of all the in-game exploration achievements.