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    • City of Heroes - Issue 17
      City of Heroes Issue 17 is a free expansion for the popular superhero MMO. The expansion introduces a new storyline, new features for both heroes and villians, and a new graphics mode to provide an amazing visual experience for players old and new.
    • City of Heroes PvP Badges
      Check out all the badges your hero or villain can earn through participating in PvP combat. Our guide includes information on all the badges that can be earned in Warburg, Siren's Call, Bloody Bay, and Recluse's Victory.
    • Michael Hartman's City of Heroes Article Hub
      This is a hub of articles about the MMORPG City of Heroes / City of Villains. The article hub is hosted by Michael Hartman, but other writers are welcome to submit CoH/CoV related links they wish to have included here.
    • Free at Last: City of Heroes to Go Free to Play With "Freedom"
      City of Heroes is going to make the switch to a hybrid free to play/subscription model later this year. Check out details on the various levels of account and the restrictions/benefits of each.
    • City of Heroes / Villains: Issue 13 Mission Architect Delay
      Positron, the lead developer of City of Heroes, recently explained in an official post that Issue 13 would be split into "Issue 13: Power and Responsibility" for fall 2008 and "Issue 14: Architect" for 2009.
    • City of Heroes Emote List
      Our City of Heroes emote guide gives the full rundown on all of the animated emotes in City of Heroes. Check out the full listing of City of Hero emotes, as well as a listing of the most useful within Paragon City and the Rogue Isles.
    • City of Heroes / City of Villains - Powerlevelling Guide
      Sometimes you just want to get your Hero or Villain up to level 50 as quickly as possible. This powerlevelling guide will help you level up your character whether you play City of Heroes or City of Villains.
    • City of Heroes Farming Guide - Suggested Builds
      This section of the guide discusses specific builds for farming effectively in City of Heroes and City of Villains.
    • City of Heroes / Villains Issue 13 and Issue 14: The Leveling Pact
      The article continues as more specific details are shared about Issue 13: Power and Responsibility for City of Heroes / City of Villains. Specifically, the Leveling Pact is discussed here for gamers to see what they can expect.
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