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Enter the Virtual World of Mixed Martial Arts

by: Ange P. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Greydog Software wants to introduce Sims fans into the world of mixed matial arts with their sports pc game WMMA. Climb up the ranks in one of the fastest growing sports around. World of Mixed Martial Arts is centered around a virtual world called Cornellverse.

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    In the game World of Mixed Martial Arts players enter a virtual universe referred to as Cornellverse. This karate centered universe has four major MMA organizations. Players must work their way up to become the ultimate mixed martial arts divisions in Cornellverse. WMMA takes gamers into a rarely seen side of the industry. This sports simulation places you in the CEO seat of a promising MMA division. It’s your duty to book matches, sign gifted fighters, produce television series, draft major contracts for sports events, and bargain with greedy sponsors. This pc game is slightly different than others on the market. Grey Dog Software really tapped into their imagination when developing this game. All of the fighters in the database are totally fictional.

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    As a sports sims the gameplay is solid in WMMA. Tasks in World of Mixed Martial Arts include hiring announcers, promotion staff, selecting fighters, booking matches, and establishing your organization. The campaign options vary in complexity. Players have the choice to work up the ranks or to dive in as the president of the Global Association of Mixed Martial Arts. The latter is the easiest of course. Once you’ve attained a division the objective is to devise a promotion plan to skyrocket it to success. Gather exceptional fighters and earn nation wide popularity along the way. The game features 80 diverse regions which stretch across the US and overseas where your budding organization can compete. As the game progresses players have to challenge opposing MMA divisions. There is also a ‘Blurcat’ feature which displays fight predictions and the latest industry news. Text scrolls down announcing the results of each fight and directing you throughout the game.

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    Graphics & Sound

    The graphics were stunning in this game. Each MMA fighter had a 3D animated model showcasing their body build to help ease the decision process for gamers. The intricate details created a visually impressive menu. Oddly, there is no music in World of Mixed Martial Arts. None whatsoever. I guess they didn’t feel they didn’t to add any sound. Personally, I prefer sound so the absent of it in this game was a major minus. A soundtrack of any genre of music would be better than nothing.

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    World of Mixed Martial Arts Screenshots

    photo credit: Grey Dog
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    System Requirements:

    The system requirements for World of Mixed Martial Arts PC game is minimal. The core basics include 67MB of hard drive space, Windows 98/2000/OS/XP or Vista. Operating on the keyboard can become boring as well as uncomfortable. I recommend using a Logitech gaming pad instead of the traditional mouse and keyboard for play. It makes extended hours of play easier on your wrists. WMMA is one of those games you definitely want to spend some time playing.

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    Overall Rating:

    Grey Dog Software is a company notorious for their sport genre simulation games. They hold nothing back in their World of Mixed Martial Arts PC game. This is the game MMA fans have been waiting for. The ability to control your own mixed martial arts universe and book matches to your liking is enough to keep players thoroughly entertained. If you ever watched the Ultimate Fighter TV series or televised matches this PC game has a lot to offer you. WMMA is no cake walk progressing in this game is challenging. It will take a considerable about of time to pass it. Most players will find themselves addicted and rich in mixed martial arts lingo. Who wouldn’t want to be Dana White or the Fertitta brothers?