City of Heroes Guide to Day Jobs and Temporary Powers, Badges, and Day Job Accolades

City of Heroes Guide to Day Jobs and Temporary Powers, Badges, and Day Job Accolades
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City of Heroes’ new Day Job system grants many exciting bonuses to both heroes and villains alike. Check out some of the Day Jobs available to those who reside in the City of Villains and their associated bonuses.

City of Villains Day Jobs

Take on the “Demagogue” day job by logging out in the Arachnos Building in Port Oakes and earn bonus influence for every mission you complete. Become an “Arachnos Agent” by logging out in Arachnos buildings or Arachnos controlled areas to earn an experience bonus for completed missions. The “Pilot” Day Job comes with a bonus to travel speed and is acquired by logging out near black helicopters. Earn an additional large inspiration every time you complete a mission by becoming a “Crey Employee” after logging out from the Crey Industries building in Nerva Archipelago.

“Pain Specialists” log out in hospital lobbies and gain an out of combat regeneration bonus. To become a “Professor” log out inside a university and receive a random piece of tech salvage every time a mission is completed. Like heroes, villains can also become “Midnighters” and earn random pieces of arcane salvage when completing missions simply by logging out inside the Midnighter’s Club.

Become a “Thief” by logging out inside a vault and receive an influence bonus every time you complete a mission. Gain an out of combat recovery bonus by logging out inside Pocket D and becoming a “Clubber.” Villains who wish to become a “Fashion Designer” need only log out from the lobby of a tailor shop and will gain a discount on tailor sessions. If XP debt has got you down, become a “Mortician” by logging out in a graveyard and earn some protection from debt.

Day Job Accolades

Heroes and Villains alike can earn Day Job badges by accruing 30 days of total logged out time in each area. Certain badge combinations will earn the player accolades that grant more effective powers. Information about earning accolades is unlocked in-game each time a player earns a Day Job badge, but here are a few examples from the City of Heroes website.

Hero Day Job Accolades

Earn the “Police Chief” accolade by combining the “Law Enforcer” and “City Official” badges. “Police Chief” grants the “Baton” power, a minor damage attack with a stun component.

Become a “Security Chief” by earning both the “Law Enforcer” and “Banker” badges. “Security Chief” also grants the “Tear Gas” power, a ranged AoE hold.

Heroes can become a “Scientist” by earning both the “Professor” and “Intern” Day Job badges. The “Scientist” accolade grants the “Sleep Gas” power, a ranged AoE sleep.

Combine the “Professor” and “Caregiver” Day Job badges to earn the “Physician” accolade and the “Ally Resurrect” power.

Gain the “Ally Heal” power by combining the “Caregiver” and “Midnighter” badges to become an “Alchemist.”

Villain Day Job Accolades

“Web Weavers” combine the “Arachnos Agent” and “Demagogue” Day Job badges and receive a ranged foe immobilization power called “Web Grenade.”

Earn the “Black Ops” accolade by combining the “Arachnos Agent” and “Thief” Day Job badges. “Black Ops” agents receive the “Smoke Grenade” power, a ranged AoE perception and hit debuff.

Become a “Crey Scientist” by earning both the “Pain Specialist” and “Crey Employee” Day Job badges and receive the “Sleep Gas” power, a ranged AoE sleep.

Gain the “Ally Resurrect” power by combining the “Professor” and “Pain Specialist” badges to become a “Physician.”

The final villain accolade, “Alchemist,” is earned by combining the “Pain Specialist” and “Midnighter” badges and comes with the “Ally Heal” power.

That’s part 2 of our rundown on the new City of Heroes Day Job feature. Check out part 1 for more general information about the feature as well as in-depth coverage of Day Jobs for heroes and their associated special powers, and don’t forget to log out in one of the Day Job locations, the bonus powers are far too cool to pass up.

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