City of Heroes Guide to Day Jobs and Temporary Powers, Badges, and Bonus Experience and Influence

City of Heroes Guide to Day Jobs and Temporary Powers, Badges, and Bonus Experience and Influence
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One of the coolest new features of City of Heroes Issue 13 is Day Jobs. A character who logs out in a certain in-game location (hospital, city hall, etc…) will gain a certain temporary power appropriate to that location. Most benefits have a limited duration or a limited number of uses, but are automatically replenished every time the character logs out at that certain location. According to the City of Heroes website, it takes around 10 days of logged off time (consecutive or non-consecutive) in order for the temporary powers to reach maximum duration or number of charges.

Each Day Job also has a badge that can be earned after 30 days of logged out time (again, consecutive or non-consecutive doesn’t matter, the number is cumulative). Once a character has earned the badge from a certain Day Job, the effectiveness of the temporary powers and the rate at which they’re accrued increases.

While information on all the available Day Jobs is not yet available, here are a few examples of Day Jobs for heroes and their associated bonuses and locations.

City of Heroes Day Jobs

Heroes who log out at City Hall take on the “City Official” Day Job, which grants a bonus to influence gained after successfully completing missions. Those who log out at police stations will become a “Law Enforcer,” earning a bonus to experience gained for each mission completed. Logging out at a train station grants the “Commuter” Day Job, which endows heroes with a travel speed bonus.

Become a “Shop Keeper” by logging out in a store lobby and earn enhancement drops for every completed mission. Log out in a Portal Corporation Lobby to become an “Intern” and receive a bonus inspiration for every mission you complete. To become a “Caregiver,” log out in a hospital lobby and gain an out of combat regeneration bonus. Those who leave the game from inside a university will become a “Professor” and receive a random piece of tech salvage every time they complete a mission.

To receive a random arcane salvage drop every time you finish a mission, log out inside the Midnighter’s Club and become a “Midnighter.” Log out inside a Vault to become a “Banker” and receive an influence bonus upon each mission completion. “Clubber” is the Day Job taken on by those who log out in Pocket D, it comes with an out of combat recovery bonus. Players who wish to become a “Fashion Designer” should log out in the lobby of a tailor shop. “Fashion Designer” bestows coupons that grant a discount on tailor sessions. The final Day Job for heroes, “Mortician,” comes from logging out in graveyards and grants a measure of protection against XP debt.

That’s part 1 of our guide to Day Jobs in City of Heroes. Check out part 2 for information on the Day Jobs available to villains, as well as the accolades that can be earned through working multiple Day Jobs and their associated special bonuses.

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