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Bulletstorm - Meet the Snipers

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We've got to handle some snipers in our search for Trishka, it seems. This means a new weapon and a lot of opportunities for new skillshots. If you need some help punching through the entrenched lines, just look here.

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    A Little Exploration

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough - The Creeps - Act 3 - Chapter 1 - One Sniper Means a Dozen Move forward with Ishi down the hole. There isn’t really much here, except a lot of dead thugs. Move forward and kick the barrel to trigger the cave-in. 16 seconds is plenty, so don’t worry. Sprint across the room and find the canister blocking the exit. Leash it and then slide down the slope to make it out in time and reach a much more scenic area.

    Take in the view as you walk forward with Ishi. You can stop at a dropkit and spend all the points you earned in the robot section. Get onto the elevator and take in the scenery, because it isn’t going to last.

    Walk past the gory sight to confirm that you’re now on a different gang’s turf. The Kreeps are really fast. They can even dodge kicks most of the time, so be fast and use charge shots and the thumper to dominate.

    The first guy is basically just a test. For the most part, this section is just your introduction. Take out the first few with a few skill shots, then advance to the outdoor area. A heavy gunner in the tower will do a bit of damage, and he’s covered by some fast rushers. Just use the thumper or the grenade flail or the screamer to do some area damage and take them out. You should be able to pick off the gunner in the tower then.

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    The Snipers

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough -Taking Out the Snipers Move forward to the square until you take fire from a sniper. Use the reaction event to get a good look. If you want, you can just rush this guy. Two shots will kill Gray at close range, but if you’re fast he should only get one off. You can then kick him into the metal. Obviously you can also just use a charged shot. Grab his sniper rifle and trade it out for whichever weapon you like the least. You pretty much have to have the sniper rifle for this segment.

    To win the shootout with the snipers, look out and aim with the scope. This will mark the targets. Get one in your sight and fire. Try to aim the bullet into them. Any body hit will probably be enough. A head or throat shot nets the Hotshot skill shot, a testicular shot will also be highly rewarded. A genuinely useful shot is the Bluff. If you see two snipers close together, aim at one and then guide it into the sniper next to him. Only the targeted man should scurry away, so it’s a bit easier.

    If you really can’t get the mechanic down, then just aim with the scope and then noscope the shots. It’s worth a skill shot if you hit, and you should be able to do alright like this.

    If you need more ammo, there’s an ammo box right by the spot where you got the gun. Ishi will also probably pick one or two off. Move forward once they’re dead and enter the next area.

    Follow Ishi forward and into the hangar area. There’s a dropkit in back, so use it to stock up if you need to do so. You will probably want to unlock the sniper rifle for yourself. Keep it with you for now to avoid some frustration.

    As soon as you step outside, three snipers will open fire. Just repeat the tricks from last time and take them all out. Go to their perch to trigger more snipers. Take cover by the box with the sniper rifle beside it. If you stand here, they shouldn’t be able to hit you. Just fire at them and go for basic hits. Don’t worry about skill shots. Once you’ve used up your ammo or taken them out, you can move forward and leash down the bridge.

    Use the dropkit here if you want to trade out the sniper rifle. I personally suggest keeping it for a few easy skill shots.

    The sniper’s easily useful up ahead. You can get the “Accident” skill shot by landing a non-fatal hit that sends the enemy into the water. It’s also easy to hit the newsbot ahead and secure the “Killer News” skill shot.

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    The Docks

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 3 - Chapter 1 - One Sniper Means a Dozen Take out the few men on the docks and approach the crowded building. There’s exposed wires and a newsbot inside. Try to hit the newsbot to at least take one of them out and earn a lot of poitns. You can rush inside and focus on knocking them into the wires, or just pick them off with other abilities or skill shots. It’s a fairly standard fight, just don’t get too far in. If you rush forward too much, you’ll get surrounded and cut down.

    Once the building and the left side is clear, move into the little center court. There’s a hotdog cart here. If you blow it up, you’ll take most of the people out. A thumper attack should also do the trick, as the explosion from the cart will kill the creeps in the center and the force of the thump will send the rest into the water.

    Once the area is clear, you’ll be able to move up with Ishi and find another dropkit. Re-equip with your favorite weapons. I assume you have a few go-to moves by now.

    Move forward and engage the creeps in the first area. There’s in cover, but there’s a lot of explosives and a hot dog cart. Use these to clear them out and advance toward the dock. You can just send the men on the dock off into the water or use any preferred shots to run through them. Circle past the the boats until you make it to the next hotspot.

    Get behind the some boxes and start shooting. If you have the sniper rifle, try to pick off some of the shooters hiding in the buildings. Otherwise, open fire and clear out the closest ones to you to free up the docks. The shotgun should be for pushing them into the water. If worse comes to worse, kicks will work if you corner them. Once the path is clear, you should be able to move up to the building and flank them with your close range equipment.

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    The Hotel

    Bulletstorm Guide - Saving Trishka - Act 3 - Chapter 1 Move forward and make sure that you go them all. Once you clear the cafe, it’s fairly easy. There’s some electro flies off to the left side. Kill them if you want. Follow Ishi into the hotel and use the dropkit at the entrance. The reception lounge has a few creeps waiting to ambush you. You should be able to just kick them off the edge, or possibly even kill them with the electro flies or newsbot. Either way, handle the few inside and kill the newsbot and electro flies outside. Move forward through the grisly kitchen until you reach the elevator. Hit the button to end the chapter


  • All information and screenshots from Bulletstorm