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Bulletstorm - The Fight on the Dam

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We can finally "save" Trishka, but that doesn't mean much until we escape. Our path through the dam won't be easy, but we'll get to blow up some big stuff and make a very tough getaway. That's always a good thing.

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    The Ambush

    Once you regain control, you’ll find yourself in the middle of an ambush. Fall back to the right side and get under the overhang. If you stay behind the pillars, you’ll be safe. You should also be able to reach the dropkit from here. I suggest that you trade out what you have for the Screamer and the Grenade Flail. They’re great weapons. The sniper rifle might work too, but it’s a little tough at this range, unless you like to noscope a lot.

    Use basic skill shots, like One-Hit Wonder and Grenade Gag to clear out the creeps across from you and to the right. Thin them out like this, then go out and hunt down the survivors. A thumper can work really well here due to the low ceiling and all the hazards, but make sure you get it on a group of them.

    Move forward and activate the bridge, then hunker down and repeat the performance. Watch out for rushers across the bridge. Anyone that gets close should be kicked into the river. Thin out the rest, then cross it. There’s a swarm of electro flies here if you want to kill them.

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    Saving Trishka

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough - The Turbines - Act 3 - Chapter 2 - A Dam Fine Mess Move on a bit more until you reach the next point with Ishi. Kick the obstacles away and clear a path through. Once you reach the area with the turbines spewing up fire, you’ll know you’re in the right place. Use the reaction time to spot Trishka, then pick off the few guys on the floor with the screamer. Either use kicks or your basic weapons to push through the group of creeps guarding the elevator. It’s tight, so watch your back if you decide to take them out at close range. Once the way is clear, ride the elevator down.

    Go over and pick off a few of the nearest gunners. Note that you can kick anyone into the turbine things for the special Man Toast skill shot. 500 points for the first one and 100 for all subsequent kills. I suggest that you thin the horde out with your screamer first, then use kicks to back them up against the turbine. It should be easy to kick them in and rack up some easy points. Rinse and repeat this trick until you make it to the door at the end. You’ll find Trishka inside. Enjoy the cutscene and your new party member.

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    The Escape

    Move outside and grab the dead sniper’s rifle. Use it to thin out the herd while Trishka and Ishi watch your back. Get a few shots off, then move down. There’s a box of ammo by the stairs if you need more. Just keep moving up, kicking and blasting your way through. There’s a hot dog cart in the center if you need a little help.

    Kick enemies off of the side and into the metal for some easy points. Just watch out for shotgunners. We’re back to humans though, so at least it’s easy to do quick kicks. Keep your little death train rolling forward until you reach the tunnel. Go through it until you come out on the rigging outside.

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    The Dam

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 3 - Chapter 2 - A Dam Fine Mess Just keep up what you were doing. Use the Screamer for easy kills, or keep kicking people off of the rig. Do whatever you’re comfortable with. It doesn’t get tricky until we get to the generator and big wheels.

    Once you make it to the wheels, you’ll want to get a little cover. Get behind the metal and pick off a few of the guards, then advance and use some basic close range skills shots to throw the rest around and clear your path. You can pull the generator down to create the next bridge. That, of course, triggers a lingering explosion.

    Move forward and watch for electrical cables. It’s an easy 100 points to get any of the melee rushers into the wires. I actually suggest that you just keep running forward and chain up as many kicks as you can. That seems to be a fairly efficient way to earn along this catwalk. The shotgunners shouldn’t be as big of a danger, since there are two allies to distract them and the path is too narrow for them to surprise you. Just send them flying over a rail or into a hazard.

    You’ll reach the second generator soon. Pull it down with the leash to make the second bridge. Hang back and kick the two rushers off the right side to hopefully get the Floater skill shot. Move forward along the path and wait by the wreckage. Fire on the men at the end of the catwalk while you wait for the copter to get closer. Use the leash or some well places shots to bring it down. That should trigger the wheel to break loose and trigger the collapse. After Trishka jumps off, hit the prompt to leap off and land on the makeshift raft below. Use your leash to quickly dispose of the new copters above you. After you take out a few, a large tidal wave will force a change of plans.


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