Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 3 - Whatever it Is, It's Pissed

Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 3 - Whatever it Is, It's Pissed
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The Path to the Cave

Start out by grabbing the track above and hit the button prompts to climb over to the cable. Grab the cable and slide down to find firm ground and a dropkit. Get more ammo and upgrade your peacemaker, then move forward.

Move forward to run right into the flare shooting creeps. If you want to leash these guys, you’ll either need to get close or wound them first. Either way, make sure you kick someone off the left side into the river. There’s a bonus for “Fish Food.”

Grab the flare gun that the first one drops to get a little diversity in your arsenal. Switch back to the peacemaker and load up a charge. Several enemies will charge toward you in a line, so it should be fairly easy to land an X-Ray. Pick off the rest and rush the flare gunners.

Keep moving until you spot the gyrocopters. Use the reaction event to spot the damaged one landing, then pick off the one that stayed in the air. This one doesn’t move around much, so it should be easy to snipe the pilot and get “Skyjack.”

Advance to the cave and go inside. Kick the boards off of the door and be ready for a reaction event. There’s really no excuse to not get a few hundred easy points off of spotting the door. Slide down to the branches and then use the prompts to climb down to the den. Go ahead and grab the ammo boxes, then look at the eggs.

A Big Enemy

Bulletstorm Walkthrough - The Cave Escape - Breaking the Eggs in Time to Get to the Gyrocopter

Shoot the first set of eggs to trigger the event. The right side is a dead end, so unless you’re confident and want a few extra points, stick to the left. On the next branch, the left is just a big drop off, so shoot the eggs on the right to open up the pass.

You’ve got about a minute and a half to get out, so don’t dawdle. Look for the ridge that you can jump over to reach the actual cave pass. There are no enemies here, so just hold down sprint and stick to the middle of the path until you hit the open air outside.

Get to the gyrocopter and wait a second for Ishi to fix it. Use the prompt to latch on and make a quick getaway, or at least start a quick getaway. The bird’s going down, but you’ve got a little bit of a chance. As you pass the train wreckage, use the prompt to shoot the fuel leak and slow the big monster down a bit.

You’ll get some skill points right before you wreck and end the first act.