Bulletstorm Walkthrough of Act 2, Chapter 2: Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever

Bulletstorm Walkthrough of Act 2, Chapter 2: Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever
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It’s A Small World

Note that the shotgun, Boneduster, is now available in dropkits. Feel free to pick it up if you want.

Move inside and walk past the robots. As you pass the empty cage, you can stop for a reaction event. Jump over the fence to enter the city and run right into a big guy. Use the shotgun or a good kick to knock him into the building for a quick kill.

The next few groups are basically one long corridor battle as you move through the small city. Just keep an eye out, and use well placed kicks to electrify most of the enemies.

Once you make it through the city, Ishi will find an employee entrance. The robot will make its first appearance though. Hit the prompted button to dive into the entrance and escape the attack. Move down the corridor and use the leash to pull the switch. Climb the ladder to reach a clear space, then move forward. There will be a few groups of melee rushers with shotgun support. Just throw the rushers around as usual and use the Screamer to take out the big guys.

Move up the steps and into the next area for another encounter. Fire a few shots into the big robot if you want, otherwise just wait a second and follow Ishi once he opens the door. Keep moving and taking out small groups of guys until you make it down to the ground level. Kick open the door to find the robot and its handler. When prompted, fire a few shots off to kill the handler and take control of this old monster.

My Pet Robot

Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Using the Pet Robot

Use the interact key to have him smash through the door. Test out the fire options on the barrels to get a good feel for it, and then have him smash the window at the back of the room.

Run up onto the balcony. Stay close to cover in case you need to get out of the line of fire. Have the robot move out into the center courtyard. Stepping on a grunt will reward you with the Mass Extinction skillshot, so have him move around a bit. Have him stay toward the center and keep the fire button held down to take out the first miniboss on the balcony across from you. Have him move over to the right side of the map to stomp on more people, or just fire from where he is. Note that holding down the fire button means that all of his kills turn into Full Throttle skill shots until you let go.

The second miniboss will go down fast to quick fire at the door. The third should also go down quickly as the building explodes. Cross off the stragglers and wait for Ishi to say that the level is clear. Use the reaction event to spot the bus, and then have the robot push it into the water to make a bridge.

Follow Ishi to the second watchpoint. Stay close to the full wall, but try to keep up the fire. Clear off the bridge quickly, but watch for Gyrocopters. These things are deadly, because his lasers are just a little too slow to hit them accurately. As soon as one comes by, turn your fire on it and try to track it. Watch your health and don’t be afraid to crouch behind the wall and hide while you heal. While holding back the copters, also focus on hammering the bridge and blowing up the left and middle sections to clear off the annoying flare gunners and machine gunners. Ishi will say when it’s clear and you’ll get a much needed checkpoint.

A Short Walk

Jump over to the land and have the robot set its sights on the two men by you, then start moving up the street. Blow up the gunners on the balconies to the right and watch the left, but really watch out for copters in front of you. Run back to cover behind the building with Ishi if you start to take a lot of damage from the copters. Wear away at them while they hover and fire. Once you take out about four, you’ll get a reaction event. It seems that they’re flanking you from behind.

Have the robot turn his fire behind you and get over to the side behind some rubble. Gun down the foot soldiers and watch for more copters. After you take out a few, you’ll get another reaction event. They’re coming back down the street.

Get back into your old cover spot and repeat the first section, with a focus on the left side balconies and their gunners. Take out the final groups of gyrocopters as they rise up at the end of the street to clear the level. Order the robot to smash the gate to open up the last spot.

Once you see the sad results, walk past the wreckage and to the next hole. Use the winch to plan your next move and end Act 2.