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Bulletstorm - Saving Trishka

by: Aaron R. ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We need to save Trishka, or at least find her, if we want off of this ruined world. This walkthrough will cover how to get through the disco and the rest of the ruins as you close the gap between you and Trishka. If you need help with any part, just look here.

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    Civilization...Sort Of

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Intoxication Nets More Points, But Comes With Unique Difficulties Start out by hitting the first dropkit. You can unlock the Screamer and get some more ammo for it now. The next group of enemies is quite small, so I suggest that you have some fun with your new pistol and get a few skillshots for it. I’ll leave it up to you. It should be easy to get Blindfire and One Hit Wonder though. Keep an eye out for a reaction event for the skulls on a pike.

    Move forward again until you hit the next area. This cafe with the pond in the center is a little annoying. You’ll need to pick off the flare users, or ideals hit them as they shoot off the flare to set them on fire. Just pick them off as best as you can. When they’re dead, use the Peacemaker to kill the swarm of electro flies. There’s just six of them and it’s worth a fair amount of skill points and you’ll get Exterminator for the first time.

    You can leash the dropkit under them to get more ammo, and upgrade the Screamer with a charged shot and more ammo. I suggest you upgrade.

    Move forward to the area outside of the club. Slide down to it and engage the enemies. Have fun with some flares and shoot or kick the hotdog carts around for some easy kills and new skillshots. Don’t rush into the square though, or you’ll easily be surrounded. Once the area is clear, Ishi will open the doors of the club.

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    Disco Inferno

    Go inside and drink both bottles of booze on the table. Bound over the top and draw the Screamer. If Gray’s intoxicated, then you’ll get some extra points. Hit both of the guys up top, and then get ready to handle the miniboss. Use the Screamer on the miniboss for a fairly easy kill. Just shoot him in the kneecap with the Screamer to stun him, then either rip off his helmet and repeat it for a decapitation attack, or kick him in the butt and shoot him while the flap’s open for the incredibly mature “Fire in the Hole”.

    Grab his minigun and rip apart all the men that rush in on the right side of the club. Hit the next few that come in and then head outside to the next area. You can take out all the flare gunners by hitting the explosives next to them. Turn to the left and approach the gate. Kick the hot dog cart toward the gate and shoot it to take out both men and get the skill shot.

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    The Grenade Flail

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 2 - Chapter 1 - Damsel in Distress Advance to the next section and watch for some electro flies off to the side. Just rinse and repeat for now. There’s a bottle of booze on the table by the explosive canister. Drink it before you open the door to get some extra points. I also suggest that you get out either weapon and prepare a charged shot. When the door opens, the crate in front will open and reveal a lot of melee rushers. Fire into the crate to take them all out at once.

    The next big threat is the suicide bombers with the grenade flails. Gray can shake off one collar explosion, but not two. There are explosive canisters by each drop off point, so hit these at some point to thin the rush. Remember to use the leash to keep them off of their feet and buy you time against multiple rushers. Use the Screamer to hit them in the gun to set them off early. Watch both sides and stay back. You should be able to ride it out without dying too many times if you use the leash and screamer together.

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    Finding Trishka

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 2 - Chapter 1 - Damsel in Distress Move forward and follow Ishi. Go over the walls and past the Newsbot to find another dropkit. I suggest that you unlock the grenade flail and buy an upgrade or at least some ammo for it. Save at least one flail for the coming fight.

    Move forward and kick off the door’s cover. If you want, this is a good place to use the flail for an easy Grenade Gag and Sadist (wrap them up with a flail but kill them with another gun before it goes off).

    Once you make it to the roof, hang back by the fans. The gunner with the flare isn’t a real threat, in fact, he’s probably going to get you a lot more points thanks to the Blind Fire achievement. Hang back and kick the melee rushers into the fans for the “Sucker” kill. After killing a few, you can safely advance. Pick off the flare gunner and then turn to spot the miniboss. I believe that you can hit him with a flail to cause some type of chain reaction and lock him into the room for a quick explosive kill. Otherwise, use the Screamer to stun and bring him down normally.

    Go down the stairs and stop at the first landing by the electrical wires. Two melee rushers and a flare gunner will attack, so I suggest that you just kick them into the wires for a quick kill. Go down and over the fence. There’s a dropkit on the balcony, and the Thumper is now available as an upgrade for your leash. If you’ve got the 3800 points, buy it. There’s also a swarm of electro flies.

    Advance into the next area until you end up at the escape pod. Use the reaction event, then follow Ishi over to the battle at the end of the trail of bodies. Kick the explosive ball into the first two men, then advance and use whatever skill shots you like to take out the distracted enemies. As you get closer to the woman, you’ll have a chance for a reaction event. Try to time it right and net the extra points. Once you’ve cleared a path, you can approach Trishka for an unsuccessful meeting.

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    Following Trishka

    Bulletstorm Walkthrough - The Miniboss Follow Ishi into the nearby building and climb the ladder. Shoot down or kick the local climbing across, then climb across yourself. Hit the prompts to do it quickly, because once you’re at the end an enemy will appear at the window. If you can, just drop down and kick him into the barbed mesh behind him.

    Drop down to find another dropkit and a swarm of electro flies. Upgrade what you can and move forward. There’s a fairly standard grenadier rush. A thumper could work well, or you could just toss them and the melee rushers into the electric signs. You’ll encounter more at the bridge. There’s an explosive ball you can hit if you want to thin the herd quickly.

    Advance to find Trishka again, and use the reaction event to watch her destroy the bridge. Turn to the right and hit another reaction event and then pull down the big ball to open the other bridge up for you.

    Cross over and use whatever skill shots you like for the first few guards. A miniboss and some melee rushers will approach next. Use the screamer to stun the miniboss and then pull off whatever skill shot you haven’t used yet. You should have the hang of this by now. I suggest that you let him walk up to the inside of the dome though. There’s more cover for you here, and you’ll have more time to prepare for the next wave.

    Once the miniboss is dead, grab his minigun and use it on the first wave of rushers and grenadiers. The second wave should be dense enough to justify using a thumper, if you have one. Otherwise, stick to the big gun and finish them off. Walk down the line to get to the next area. Once Ishi opens the door, you’ll start the next chapter.


  • All information and screenshots from Bulletstorm.