Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 2 - Last Train from Explosion town

Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 2 - Last Train from Explosion town
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The Mine

Use the dropkit here if you want. Note that the special charge for the Peacemaker Carbine is available now for 3200 points. Buy it if you want it.

Slide down the waterfall to automatically score Voodoo Doll on the guard at the bottom. The single guard that runs into the center of the area afterwards should be another easy Voodoo Doll, if you can kick him into the mesh gate.

The melee rusher is fairly far off, so I suggest that you shoot him in the leg and then kill him while he’s on the ground for Trip Wire. This is a good and easy place to get it. On that note, feel free to either use headshots or earn some other fancy shooting stuff here. There aren’t many guards and you have a lot of breathing room.

Clear them out and get to the gate at the end. Ishi will open it.

There’s a reaction point here. Hold down the appropriate key (L1 on the PS3) to examine the gyrocopters. Fire on a few of them to blow them up. You need to hit the group on the left and the one on the right. Aim for the actual copter, not the hook. Once you hit a few, a group of raiders will rush in with some fairly heavy fire. Use the leash to pull them down and take care of them normally. They’re not tough when they’re on the ground. After you kill the last one, catch the reaction point and view the gyrocopter trying to pin you in.

Hit it with the leash to rope the pilot, then hit the timing trigger to pull him out and wreck the bird. Use the leash on the door control to open the door and let yourself out. There’s a dropkit outside, and I suggest that you take the chance to get a little more ammo and upgrade your gun with the charge fire (if you haven’t already).

Attacking the Camp

Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 2 - The Mining Camp and the Gyrocopters

Move forward and engage the guards ahead. You should be able to score a Vertigo by kicking one off of the side. The first group isn’t too rough, so just earn some points kicking them off the side or by trying out your charge weapon.

There’s a gyrocopter by the elevator. Leash the pilot and kill him before he hits the ground for Parashot. After Ishi fixes the switch, use it to the ride the elevator down.

Move up to cover and focus. This actually can get a little rough. Make sure that you take out the melee rushers first, then take cover until you heal. Once the path is clear, I suggest that you rush the men behind cover at the two doors. If you kick the debris that they’re hiding behind, it will fly back and crush them against the wall for “Pancake.” Do this for both of them for an easy kill and easy points.

Move forward to spot another copter. Hit the explosives behind it to blow it up and earn “Flak” along with a bunch of environmental kills. Wait for Ishi to catch up and open the next area. Cross over carefully and use the dropkit to buy some more ammo or upgrade the gun. Move onward to the next slope for a just a few more basic guards. The turret gunner is the only threat. I suggest using a charged shot to take him out and net Overkill.

Kick any surviving locals off of the ramp and grab the minigun. You’re going to need it. Catch the reaction event to watch the gyrocopters come into view. Open fire on them with careful shots. You want to make the minigun last until the end, unless you just really want the extra point from Parashoot.

Take out about six helicopters to survive the wave. Ishi will kick down the ramp and create the next path. After Ishi recovers, some more locals will knock down the wall and attack. There are just a few of them, so do whatever you want. Vertigo is quite easy, but feel free to get creative.

The Reinforcements

Hit the switch and follow the dragging plate. It works as decent cover for the moment. You can use a charged shot for an easy X-Ray on the left side. Otherwise, just pick them off or kick them off as the plate advances. Take out the guard inside, and get ready for another gyrocopter. The rushing guards make it fairly difficult to handle with the leash, so I suggest that you use a charged shot for an easy kill. Take cover behind the metal on the left side and pick off a few guards and the copter. This should make the floor give out and take you to safety.

There’s another dropkit if you want more upgrades or ammo. Get at least one charged shot for the fight ahead.. When you’re ready. Follow Ishi up into the generator room. Kick the door open, and then just kick the remaining guards into the electrical wires to get three easy Shocker kills. Ishi will charge up using the generator, and also trigger one very big explosion. It’s time to leave.

Move past the exploding generators and grab the rail. If you hit the shoulder buttons at the right points, you’ll get some extra skillshot points. It doesn’t actually matter if you hit them dead on though. After you make it to the next platform you’ll find the next set of enemies. You can just kick them into the wires or off of the bridge for easy points. Move forward and up to the train. There are plenty of barrels up here, and there aren’t any rails on the platform. Just take them out however you want.

The Miniboss

Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 2 - The Miniboss

Once the last one dies, get ready for a reaction check as you spot your first miniboss.

I suggest that you just hit it with a charged shot to stun it easily. Then use the leash to whip off its helmet. Move to the side and shoot it in the back of the knee to stun it again. You should be able to use the leash to rip its head off for a lot of points, as this will be your first “Bossed” and “Whiplash.”

Move onto the train to grab the minigun. Note that it appears to have unlimited ammo, so just go crazy. You still get Full Throttle for killing two enemies in one burst, which is quite easy with the minigun. Use that to rack up some points as they futilely try to retake the train. After you hold them off for a little bit, the train will start. It’s never that easy though.

The Train Ride

Bulletstorm Waltkhrough - The Train Escape - Act 1 - Chapter 2 - The Last Train from Explosion Town

Once you regain control, get ready for some defensive action. The grindwheel isn’t able to be stopped at this moment, so just ignore it. The minigun has unlimited ammo, but will overheat if you fire it for too long. This makes you reload, effectively. Full Throttle still counts, so see if you can string kills together.

For the first part, just fire at the buggies and take them out when they get close. They don’t pack much of a punch and they seem to blow up fairly easily. There should be two sets before the other train catches up to you. When you see the train, fire at the explosive barrels to take out most of the shooters onboard. It’s not much of a threat after that.

This is especially true once the hordes of gyrocopters come in. I actually found it easier to just leash them out of their copters. If you’re having trouble actually bringing one down with the minigun, it can be faster to just use the leash and pull them out quickly. You have a fairly wide reaction bar if you’re fast.

Regardless of how you take them out, you’ll need to hold off a few torpedos after that. Just focus on the glowing core on the side and maintain your fire. It won’t make a perfect beeline for you, so you should have enough time. Put a little fire onto the helicopter before it launches the second torpedo. Blow it up in the same manner, and get ready for the next set. As you pass the train station, make sure that the large fuel tank explodes. It will take out the helicopter and set up your next plane of attack for the grindwheel.

Watch out for more gyrocopters and keep an eye out for fuel tanks. You need to hit the next one to knock the grindwheel off course. The next fuel wheel will push it off completely.

It’s a short reprieve though. A heavy train will ram you from behind in the tunnel. Hit the explosives on the train to take out the normal guards, then focus heavy minigun fire on the miniboss to take him out while you wait.

There should be at least one reaction event as the grindwheel reappears and knocks out the bridge. After that happens, there isn’t much else to do. Just enjoy the last few seconds of the ride as the chapter ends.


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