Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 1 - Just Like the Old Days

Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 1 - Just Like the Old Days
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An Introduction to Skillshots

Once the cutscene’s done, move forward. Shoot the marked explosive canister to clear the wreckage and move up to the next pile. Clear out the wreckage and follow the prompts to kick a tank toward the group of locals. Fire a few shots in its direction to blow them all up.

You can repeat this trick on the next group with the canister on the ground. Just time it right and you’ll be fine.

Keep moving until you find the dropship. Use the leash on it to officially fire up the skillshot system. It’s time to start showing off a little bit with what we have.

You’ll need 1200 skill points before you can advance, so put it to good use on the group that rushes in. Shoot the canisters behind them for some easy environmental kills. Then just focus on getting headshots and throat shots. Getting “Gag Reflex” and a few headshots should do the trick.

Access the dropship and spend your new points on an upgraded magazine and a little more ammo.

A Lot of Cacti

Move up to the next area. In case you didn’t notice, there are plenty of cacti and metal structures. Kick one of the rushers into the tower to get Voodoo Doll. Aim for the cactus with the other to get Pricked. If you can’t land one on the first set of catci, you can rush the gunners hanging back and knock one of them into the cacti. Use plenty of kicks and the leash to have a little fun here. If you take too much fire, get behind some metal and wait until you’re healed.

You should be able to earn plenty of skill points here without getting too shot up. Move on up to the camp ahead once they’re all taken care of. Take out the gunner on the wall by shooting the explosives next to him. Hit the explosives hanging above the other locals’ heads. The two sets of explosives in the center should be enough to take them all out.

If you need more ammo, you can buy some at the dropship site before the gate.

The Mining Camp

Bulletstorm Walkthrough - Act 1 - Chapter 1 - Just Like the Old Days

Be careful about charging into the gate, because there are a few raiders set up inside. Move in with Ishi and see if you can pull off the two closest guards. Use kicks to knock them further back into the camp and then hit the various piles of explosives. You should be able to clear out the back section of the camp easily with this strategy. Use basic bullet kicks to take out the rest.

There’s a box with 200 bullets at the back of the camp, so grab it if you need it. Otherwise, follow Ishi up the ramp and onto the wall. Just obey the simple prompt and react to the mining camp gate to earn some easy points. When you approach the gate, some melee rushers and shooters will come out. Kick the melee rushers around and use bullet kicks to take them out. You can use the leash or simple headshots for the gunners in back.

Kick the gate open once the coast is clear, then get onto the big elevator.


  • All information and screenshots from Bulletstorm