Best PC FPS Sniper Gameplay Moments: Ghost Recon, Sniper Elite and Hitman 2

Best PC FPS Sniper Gameplay Moments: Ghost Recon, Sniper Elite and Hitman 2
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Best FPS Games with Sniper Gamplay Moments

In most tactical team-based historic first-person shooter games, the sniper takes charge as a separate class and is usually employed to provide cover to other soldiers engaging in close combat battle. In many single-player FPS games, the player can occasionally step into a sniper’s role to take down bunch of enemies on guard at a distant enemy base. This may certainly help him as infiltration becomes quite easy.

The role of sniper cannot be taken lightly and is, perhaps, one of the favorite soldier classes amongst gamers. In several FPS games, sniper gameplay is the most entertaining moment and several gamers upload a montage on various streaming video sites to share their sniping moments, which include dramatic headshots and kills. If you like sniping, and are hunting down for the best games that boast PC FPS sniper gameplay, then have a look at some of the best titles here:

Ghost Recon

This tactical team-based first person shooter game provides excellent sniping moments. The fictional U.S. Special Forces Squad in Ghost Recon comprises of three fire teams Alpha, Bravo and Charlie. Each team can accommodate three soldiers, each having different attributes. There’s a sniper class as well, and a player can switch to the sniper class or assign it to one of his team members.

Ghost Recon PC FPS Sniper Gameplay

Snipers in Ghost Recon wear “ghillie suits” that help them camouflage themselves against enemies. They are usually used to provide fire support and are equipped with the M24 rifle. There are various strategies and tactics to look out for if you love to play the sniper class. But, beware, enemies are clever enough to hunt down snipers, so make sure you hide against bushes, trees and shrubs before taking down an enemy. Ghost Recon is quite impressive, and provides superb PC FPS sniper gameplay moments.

Hitman 2

Hitman 2 Box

To be precise, Hitman 2 cannot be called as a first-person shooter, but you can switch from third-person to first-person view. What’s more exciting is the sniping, which can be done anytime during gameplay. The sniper gameplay mechanics plays a very important part in almost every mission. It also forms a key part in your overall strategy as you may have to eliminate a bunch of bad guys before infiltrating the enemy hideout.

Hitman 2 Sniper Gameplay

There are several “three birds one shot” moments in Hitman 2 where you can take maximum advantage of your sniper rifle without wasting bullets (as most sniper rifles in Hitman 2 have limited number of bullets). The one problem in using the sniper rifle is the constant movement of the scope. Well, you can steady your Walther WA2000 or a Barrett M95 by holding the crouch button.

Hitman 2 boasts a variety of sniper rifles, including the rather dated Dragunova SVD and the super-accurate Walther WA2000. However, the Barrett M95 can be quite deadly as it has the capability to penetrate light armored vehicles and stop a jeep. Well, there’s a mission somewhere in the Middle East where you will have to use the Barrett M95 to stop a convoy. I bought this game only because it had sniper gameplay among other features. Hitman 2 is a truly great game for those who love occasional sniping along with using stealth and tactics to kill enemies.

Sniper Elite

Sniper Elite

This historic PC tactical first-person/third person hybrid shooter game relies completely on sniping, though players will have opportunities to destroy tanks using a Panzershreck or kill a bunch of enemies with German or Soviet hand grenades. Sniper tactics forms integral part of Sniper Elite as the game is all about patience, stealth and most importantly, accuracy.

Sniper Elite Scope View

The game’s mind-blowing realistic ballistics is what makes it so memorable and exciting. There are various factors that may assist or hamper sniper gameplay. These include the trajectory of the bullet, wind strength, movement and breathing. You will have various positions to take down enemies and may frequently have to lie down or crouch before taking aim. All these factors determine successful kills. However, the enemy is very devious and may employ different tactics and positions to hunt you down, even if you are concealed.

Instant-kill or headshots have their own rewards. Whenever you score a headshot from a distance, the camera leaves the first-person scope view and quickly tracks the bullet in slow motion. This slow-motion perspective is quite impressive, but may be gruesome to many, as the bullet hits the head, taking off chucks of brain and skull, which may even make hard-core gamers squirm with disgust. Overall, this game is a must for those looking for a perfect PC FPS Sniper game.