Hottest Playstation 2 Male Characters Ever

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Hottest PS2 Male Character Overview

Women need and want male eye candy in video games as well as men want sexy femme fatales in the video games they play. The Sony Playstation 2 video game console brought us some vividly hot female characters and we are not about to overlook the hot bundles of masculinity that these video games brought us either.

#1- Dante

Dante from Devil May Cry for the PS2 game system is one hot bad boy with the attitude to match. Tight pants, cocked hip, no shirt and a fighter’s grace make Dante one hot male character to watch in the Devil May Cry video games. Stunning white hair, dark crazy eyes and an evil twin make him a stud to drool over. His bad boy personality and devil may care attitude add to his qualities and why he takes the number one slot.

#2- Kratos

With origins in Greek mythology the Playstation video game God of War came about. The only man to face off against the gods to become a god himself, Kratos is one of the hottest male characters ever to be included in a video game. He just oozed masculinity on the screen and the fact that he has bad luck and has lost everything he loves just makes him even sexier. Kratos is also built like a finely chiseled rock and his knock-down-anything-that-gets-in-my-way attitude just adds to his sex appeal.

#3- The Prince

The Prince from the Prince of Persia PS2 video games gives women eye candy to watch that also has style, grace and appeal. Bare-chested, dark haired and a great body build gets the Prince the third spot on this list. Incredible acrobatic moves enhance his sexuality and his evil alter ego The Dark Prince exudes dark masculinity forces when he shows himself.

#4- Auron

Final Fantasy X for the PS2 is loaded with sexy women but it is also loaded with mega hunks for women to enjoy a good bit of eye candy. Auron takes the list at number 4 and although we rarely get to see him outside of all his clothing (a long red trench coat), his distinct features and cool, casual appearance make him one of the hottest guys found in video gaming. His sunglasses that hide a penetrating gaze and a scarred eye just add to his appeal.

#5 Gene

Wandering tough guy Gene from God Hand takes the last place on this list. A 23-year-old stud with a punk personality adds to his appeal. Earrings, tattoos and sleek clothing make him an image drool over when you get to see him. We get blessed with seeing his well shaped rear in tight black jeans often since the game play is done from Gene’s perspective.