Batman: Arkham Asylum - Boss Battle Guide and Walkthrough

Batman: Arkham Asylum - Boss Battle Guide and Walkthrough
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Boss Guide

I recently finished Batman: Arkham Asylum on the PS3 and must admit that it is one of the best games I’ve ever played on that system. I didn’t use any kind of cheat codes to finish the game, but instead just figured out how to get past each of the big bosses. You should take the time to go through some of the Challenges involving fighting, because learning how to get the most out of this game’s somewhat unique fighting system will really help you get past the bosses a lot easier. Overall, I thought the game was a little on the easy side, but that didn’t make it any less fun to play and complete. Here’s how I did it.


This is your first big battle to give you a taste of what’s to come. The strategy that works here will be applied several times throughout the game, so pay attention. In this part, Bane will throw stuff at you or charge you. When he’s throwing an object, your only option is to jump out of the way. When he charges you, throw your batarang at him and then jump out of the way, then run up to him and start hitting. The batarang will stun him long enough for you to get in a few swings before he starts hitting back, so know when to back down. Watch for him to shake off the stun, then get out of his way.

The best strategy here is to keep your distance and let him come to you with the charge. Don’t even bother trying to hit him unless you stun with the batarang first. After several rounds of stun and punch, he will eventually go down. Remember to keep moving and stay away from his punches. As for the minor henchman that join the fight, you will need to take them out, but never let your focus come off Bane. If you get too distracted by the other henchman, Bane will charge or throw stuff at you.

Harley Quinn

batman box ps3

Although you don’t actually fight her, the battle leading up to her capture can be pretty tough. The key here is to jump behind the guys carrying the electric sticks, because you can only hit them from behind. All the while you are fighting, you’ll need to avoid the electrical current flowing through the floor. Just watch the circular motion it moves in, and get out of the way when needed. This battle isn’t all that hard, but timing is critical.

Killer Croc

This one is easy since most of the time you’ll be running away. Be ready to throw your batarang and knock him into the water when he is running at you. The key to this part is to never stop moving, but be careful not to make too much noise or he’ll come after you. I made it through on the first try. At the end, just set off the explosives as soon as he walks over the opening and you’ve got him.

Poison Ivy

This is probably the hardest boss battle in the game because it goes on for so long. The only way you can damage Ivy is when the eye opens on her giant beanstalk. You have but a split second to throw the batarang and hit her, so you need to be very quick.

During the first few rounds with Ivy, try to stick to the far left and right sides of the screen when her vines stamp the ground and make the vines sprout up. You don’t want to get caught up in them because they do a lot of damage. When fighting henchman, be careful not to go into the vines. In the last round, there’s one part where you need to stick toward the middle of the screen because the sides won’t be safe any more. Just be sure to jump out of the way. After a few tries you can judge where the growth will come up. You can’t hit Ivy at all during this time, so don’t bother trying.

When Ivy starts shooting those red fireball things at you, pay close attention to where they originate. If only one side lights up, it means Ivy will open the eye for a moment and you need to be ready to hit her. As the fireball things are coming at you, jump to one side and then quickly back the other way and hit the button to throw your batarang. When she’s shooting two fireballs at once, just dodge out of the way but don’t try to hit her. The only time you can is when that one opening lights up on the left side. You can usually just hit her two or three times before the opportunity goes away and she starts pounding you with the vine growth again. You’ll have to go through this a few times before she finally goes down. There’s no quick way to do it.

Party Pooper

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When you show up to enter the Joker’s party, about 20 henchmen will be waiting for you, but they will not immediately attack. There’s a PS3 trophy you can earn here called Party Pooper. To get the trophy, you have to take out all the henchman. Since they just stand there waiting for you, I suggest you spray three bits of explosive foam in the hallway – one on each end and one in the middle. If you spread it out enough, you can knock down every single guy when you set it off. After that, start doing takedowns until the others attack. You can dispatch them very quickly using this method.

Twin Titans

Before you get to fight the Joker, he’ll unleash a couple of Titans on you. This fight can be pretty tough because a bunch of henchman get involved, too. The key here is to mostly ignore the henchman and just focus on the Titans. The strategy works just the same as it did against Bane, except you’ll be fighting two instead of one. Try to stick close to the walls so that when the Titans charge they will run into the walls and knock themselves silly, then hit them enough to jump on their back and start slapping the henchman. Don’t forget to peg them with the batarang as they are charging. While on the back of one titan, you can only hit the other titan a few times before he throws you off, so make it count.

The Joker


The Joker battle in this game is easy if you have the fighting system down. You hardly even fight the Joker himself, other than hitting him with a few punches. When on the ground with the Joker, just run away and don’t let him hit you. He’ll take a few swings and then jump back on the wall to taunt the helicopters. In the meantime, swarms of henchmen will come out to fight. Take them out just like you’ve been taking them out all throughout the game, and do it quickly. When they are out of the way, use your grappling hook to pull the Joker off the wall, then run up to him and punch a few times. More waves of henchmen will come out to fight, then you pull the Joker down and punch him again. It’s really not difficult at all.

That’s it! You just beat the game! Now you can go back through the levels and find all the rest of the hidden stuff you missed the first time around. Doing so will unlock some things in the game that will make the Challenges more fun.