Batman: Dark Asylum - The First Truly Emersive Batman Game for xBox 360

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The Dark Knight makes his return to the video game world when Batman Arkham Asylum for the X-box 360 releases from developer Rocksteady Games and publisher Eidos Interactive in 2009. This game is showing us Batman back in action using all his skills and gadgets to get through a crisis in Gotham City - Arkham Asylum.

Storyline (3 out of 5)

The game opens up with Batman delivering the Joker (voiced by none other than Mark Hamill) to Arkham Asylum. A short clip of Comissioner Gordan and Batman discussing how easily the Joker allowed himself to be captured leaves them concerned - and with good reason. The Joker soon reveals it is all a set up and an elaborate trap designed to bring down the Batman, and we end up with Batman battling his way through waves of inmates to shut the Joker down and save Gotham City - yet again.

Graphics (5 out of 5)

The game has beautiful graphics and really catches the essence of Gotham and the Dark Knight. Using the Unreal Engine this game is sure to deliver in all capacities. With interactive environments that will help deliver some nice visual effects and the lighting that makes you want to say, “I am BATMAN!” you will not be visually disappointed with this game.

Gameplay (5 out of 5)

All I have seen, so far, is a few gameplay videos that showed how Batman swings around using a grappeling hook along with a whole slew of other classic gadgets at his disposal, like the Batarang and Infrared Vision. Being able to see your enemies in the dark and play on the classic Batman fear and intimidation factor? Cool. As you play you are, all the while, relying on your cunning and skill. That is what truly gives Arkham Asylum the authentic Batman feel. The game play seems to be completely in sync with what you would expect from Batman.