The Legendary Players Edition of NBA 2K12

The Legendary Players Edition of NBA 2K12
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The 2K franchise has upped the ante and capitalized on the success of NBA 2K11. This time around, 2K Sports and Visual Concepts have reinvented the popular Jordan Challenge by including several other NBA legends. The popular basketball game expands its roster to now concentrate on 15 of the league’s most renowned players. The roster includes Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Jerry West, Karl Malone and John Stockton to name a few.

The legendary players’ edition of NBA2K12 is available with three unique covers. Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are pictured individually on three separate, unique covers. The cover art is vivid and detailed with each player performing their signature move.

It is important to note that the release of the game is perfectly timed with the current NBA lockout. Basketball fans, young and old, can live vicariously through this new edition of 2K while waiting for the lockout to end. The legends mode grants any fan the opportunity to experience an era of the sport they may not be familiar with. The legendary players edition of NBA 2K12 offers a nostalgic feel for any hardcore NBA fan.

Preview the Trailer

The trailer for this game is where amazing happens. The trailer shows some of the game’s iconic players dribbling the ball, driving to the basket and posting up. Michael Jordan has the tongue out, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar does the sky hook and Magic Johnson commits no-look passes. The trailer displays the updated graphics and several well-timed plays. The most entertaining part of the trailer is when all of the legends are shown individually in slow motion. The trailer is a must see before the game is released on October 4th.

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What Is The Legends Mode?

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The legends mode involves selecting a player and completing a significant game wthin their NBA career. Unlike in the Jordan Challenges, in order to complete the challenge, you must simply win the game. This unlocks the player for use during gameplay as well as in the quick-play option.

The legends mode is innovative and fresh. It displays player statistics and key facts. In addition, video highlights of the unlocked player offer a vintage feel with informative commentary about the player and the team. An ideal example of the vintage feel is the game between the 1960s Celtics and Lakers that shows Bill Russell and Jerry West facing off in a low resolution, black and white picture. This mode also includes old-school scoreboards, shot clocks and the three-point line is non-existent. There are various styles within the legends mode; it simply depends on what teams are playing and what era they are playing in.

What’s New In 2K12?

The graphics in 2K12 are clean and crisp. The visual appeal of the game is more attractive than 2K11. Facial expressions and body movements are more loose and fluid.

The artificial intelligence in this installment has also received a much needed tweak. In 2K12, the player’s artificial intelligence has become more diverse. There were complaints about 2K11 that the AI was not capable of keeping up with certain styles employed by gamers. Many critics suggested that the game used a generic version of artificial intelligence. The major fault with that was that the computer players would simply default to routine plays. The newer AI allows computer players to be more divergent. This gives the players more options if the first solution is unavailable.

Another new edition to 2K12 is the improved physics engine. This refers to the type of contact players receive and how the players react to it. This actually makes gameplay more solid and more fluid.

NBA 2K12 Soundtrack and Updates

The soundtrack is an essential part of the NBA 2K experience. Music during gameplay enhances the overall gaming experience. The soundtrack in 2K12 is audible while navigating through menus as well as during timeouts and pre-game introductions. The soundtrack for 2K12 includes hip-hop, rock and alternative music influences. There is a solid soundtrack that includes artist such as Eminem, DELS, James Pants, Ancient Astronauts, Kurtis Blow and Chiddy Bang. The songs by each artist have been hand selected to add a unique feel to certain sections of the game.

The updates for 2K12 include a new shot rating that offers a letter grade for shot selection. However, the higher letter grade does not guarantee the shot will automatically go in. The accuracy depends on timing and release. Additionally, the refs no longer hold the ball for long periods of time during gameplay.

The Verdict

The anticipation for the NBA season and 2K12 is building. The updates, solid soundtrack and legends edition make 2K12 a must have during the NBA lockout. Overall, the graphics have witnessed an upgrade and the gameplay has received a much needed tweak. The mixture of a better physics engine and improved AI makes 2K12 a more solid game. Overall, NBA 2K12 is a must have for any basketball fan this season. The legendary players edition of NBA 2K12 will be available on October 04, 2011.


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