NBA 2K10: Tips For A My Player Mode Shooting Guard

NBA 2K10: Tips For A My Player Mode Shooting Guard
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Learning the Game

The easiest way to learn how to play NBA 2K10 is by creating a player in My Player mode, going through the Summer Circuit, then Training Camps and hope to make it to the NBA. Assuming you play according to these NBA 2K10 tips, you should be able to ultimately make the grade instead of slipping down to the NBA D-League.

It is recommended that you play the game with a game-pad instead of your keyboard; this guide will only deal with game-pad controls on the PC, not keyboard or console versions. We’ll also be keeping the standard control configuration, but remember you can always change it to whatever works.

Get familiar with the basics, like passing, dribbling, cross-over, spins and shooting. Learn about shot and free-throw release. In defence learn how to use the LF2 button (or shoulder button) for locking on your man, learn how to stay in the line of the pass for stealing and learn how to jump with Button 4 and learn block/rebound with Button 3. Also you can double team in the paint or on the opposition’s PG (or ball-handler) by pressing LF1; smart DT’s get you points in My Player mode.

Practice the basics by choosing Practice Mode and continue reading for NBA 2K10 tips.

Beginnings – Choosing a Position

Shooting Guard Beginnings

The easiest position to start with is probably Shooting Guard with emphasis on scoring. After you have created your player, just choose scoring under the type of player you would like (i.e. athletic, pass first etc…).

Although you cannot officially choose a difficulty in this mode and it should remain at Pro, you can set the mode at Hall Of Fame with the Tsearch hack; it’s not recommended if you are just starting out and Pro should be just fine.

The reason why a SG is easiest to start with is that it should be easy to get points regardless of difficulty (once you know how) and fastbreak-scoring or just generally getting good shot selections is a major factor in getting a good final Grade.

A Power Forward or Centre is good too. However I would suggest you leave Point Guard alone for now, especially if you are planning on an assist-based PG of the Rondo or Nash variety. Athletic guards like Derrick Rose or “Cryptonate” Robinson are probably even more difficult since speed is the most expensive attribute to raise with your skill points. Lastly, you need to call plays which is more work and you need to know what you are doing.

Start the age of your player at 19 and, once you’ve decided on appearance and set your name, read on.

Drills and Skill Points

Stealing Drill

If you can get silver in any of the drills you get the maximum skill-points as a reward, and if you manage gold you get a point in an attribute related to the drill.

The easiest drill to do for which you can maximise your skill points is Stealing, where all you need to do is stand in the line of the pass and either defend the pass, tip it or catch it. Once you learn how your opponent moves it will become even easier to do it. Other fun and easy drills are the Dribble course and shooting, where 3 point shots can get you more points to obtain gold. I wouldn’t touch the Post drill or Attack the Basket just yet but you might want to try them.

For skill points, dump points in your close/mid range shots, in free throws, vertical and some ball handling. Stamina is also important regardless of role, especially if you use turbo/intense D a lot. If you do the Steal drill your stealing should go up. As you make shots you’ll begin to win games for your team and get more skill points to dump in minor areas for your position, like dunking or defensive attributes. Dunking is fun, it’s not needed to score though.

Making It Through the Summer Circuit

Good Shot Selection

Since this will be in the early days of your SG, you’ll want to stick to the simple things like setting screens for the pick, good passes, proper spacing on transitions (lane-filling) and some steady D work. All of these give you plus points for your final grade. Defence is always harder than offence, in any sport, so just stick close to your assignment and lock-on by using the left-analog stick. Smart double-teaming gets you points, though you don’t need to worry about it that much.

Obvious things which will get your team mates angry and will downgrade your performance are: turning the ball over, taking crazy shots, bad positioning or ball-hogging. Allowing your assignment to score is sometimes unavoidable, though try and limit the damage.

If you pay attention during the game and avoid bad plays listed above you should at least get a B if not an A grade. Once your shooting attributes are in the 70’s you can start taking even contested shots or more chancy layups. Always take the open shot even in your early days; even if it does not go in it’s counted as a good-shot selection.

Making It To the NBA

After all that you should get invited to a training camp. At this point, assuming you have dumped your skill-points correctly, you should have above average shooting already which will help in the training camp.

You need to keep your average grade consistent, like above, in order to make it to the NBA, so stick to the same principles as above and also try taking more shots at this point since your shooting is better.

If after training you find yourself in the D league don’t despair! You can still get invited to an NBA game assuming your grade is consistent enough (in the B+ to A+ range). However if you are still in the D league after about ten games it might be easier to make another player and start over since it will be difficult to cut through.

These are some basic NBA 2K10 tips for My Player mode, now get out there and make that play!