The Best Baseball Games Online

The Best Baseball Games Online
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Top-Down Baseball Challenge

EA’s Top-Down Baseball Challenge is one of the few best baseball games online that allow players to control both batting and pitching. The game’s quick-play mode lets you choose a team from the four teams available and randomly pits you as a batter or pitcher against the computer. While pitching, you will have to click any one of the four pitch styles (fast, curve etc.) and then select the pitch direction using the in-game meter. When batting, you can move your batter and click the left mouse button at the right moment to swing the bat. Base stealing adds more fun to game, letting you click on the ‘steal the base’ button the moment your opponent delivers the ball to home plate.

The one thing that I liked about Top-Down Baseball Challenge is the simple mouse-based control system. You can select the pitch type, direction, knock in runs and smack homers with a single click. The top down graphics are great, but the view should have been a bit wider, giving a clear perspective of the position players (catcher, infielders and outfielders). Nonetheless, the game scores pretty well in the graphics and control department and is a must-play for all sports lovers looking for a good solid baseball game online.

Stick Baseball

Stick Baseball All Star Slug

Featuring some of the best free Flash games on the Internet, Stick Sports is one of top online games portal for everything sports, including cricket, soccer, baseball and racing games. Stick Baseball features a series of four fun and challenging free baseball games online. Sadly, all are batter-centric games that test your reflexes, which means there isn’t any tournament mode that feature both pitching and batting. Nonetheless, all games are worth spending a few hours as they offer plenty of variations to the baseball game.

Stick Baseball Training

Some of the best games like All Star Slug and Home Run Challenge test your batting skills online and smash as many runs and homers as possible. You will have to press up, down, right and left keys to hit runs. Each key corresponds to the area in the striking zone that you feel the ball will swing through. For example, you will have to hit the Left arrow key if you see the ball swinging in towards you. All four games have the same controls, but have different objectives. There’s also a three-mode training game that lets you demonstrate your virtual batting skills to your coach, impress the scouts in a trial game and prove yourself to the big boys. You need to unlock the remaining two modes after proving your hitting skills to your coach. This short game adds some variation and should be played first before playing All Star Slug and Home Run Challenge.

The last game, World Domination, pits you against the top baseball teams in a three innings game. Although it is not a full tournament game (it doesn’t allow gamers to pitch and focuses only on batting), its fun as it throws a challenge to players to score runs over their opponents in a short game. Overall, all four games are amazing and offer plenty of baseball fun.

Full Count Baseball

Full Count Baseball

A 3D baseball game, Full Count requires the latest Shockwave player to ensure smooth rendering of characters and the background. The game has a unique mouse-based control system that requires players to draw different shapes on the screen to pitch the ball. For example, for a fastball pitch, the player has to draw a straight line by left-clicking and dragging the mouse on the screen. There are different types of pitches, such as knuckleball, curveball, slider and many others. The mouse gestures should be in perfect motion, without any breaks to ensure the ball passes through the strike zone. Mastering mouse gestures was not easy for me at first, but with a little practice I could pitch a few styles with ease. The unusual control scheme is innovative, but may not be popular with players who want a simple mouse or keyboard-based control system.

Batting is far easier than pitching as it only involves moving your mouse at the right moment to hit a run or a homer.

Full Count Baseball 2

You will need to swing the bat by moving the mouse left or right when the ball hits the strike zone. You can practice batting and pitching with the help of the in-game tutorial and then play the tournament mode. You can select your team and set the number of innings before play.

Full Count Baseball can be played free at It is one of the best baseball games online and has good graphics and a novel control system.

Miniclip Baseball

Miniclip Baseball

With excellent hand-drawn visuals and a very different gameplay style, Miniclip Baseball tests your batting skills through two modes – Arcade and Bottom of the Ninth. Of these, Bottom of the Ninth is more challenging as you have only 3 outs left and you have come and win by hitting a homer. Arcade mode is fun. You have to hit a certain target by hitting as many balls as possible. The target is shown randomly in the playing field and you will have to be as accurate as possible to hit it in order to score points.

In Miniclip Baseball, the control system is different from other free baseball games online. When the pitcher winds up, a marker appears in the strike zone to indicate where the ball will pass through the zone. You will have to move the mouse to towards the marker. The moment you move the aim circle, you will see a red shape emerge in the playing field. This red shape indicates where the ball will land. When moving the aim circle, keep the target in mind and then click the left mouse button to hit the ball.

Miniclip Baseball is a great way to show your virtual batting skills and has a plain mouse-based control system. The game’s fun, but again focuses on batting and not pitching. If you like fun baseball games online that offers some good challenges, you must play this game.