Major League Baseball 2K10 Guide

Major League Baseball 2K10 Guide
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Overview of MLB 2k10

This Major League Baseball 2K10 guide will give you a glimpse at the game play of the newest game in this popular series. 2K sports has taken baseball to a whole new level by introducing advanced pitching and hitting options which make a gamer feel like they are really playing the game.

Control Tip

It can be quite difficult to hit and pitch properly using a standard keyboard. It is recommended that a game pad is used instead. The controls can be switched to match your preferred playing style in the control settings menu. This Major League Baseball 2K10 guide will assume you are using a game pad, but keyboard controls can also be used.



Your first step when pitching is choosing which pitch to use. You will notice a number next to each type of pitch. The higher the number the better your pitcher’s ability to throw it. This will mean that the pitch will either be faster (in the case of a fast ball) or have more movement (in the case of a curve ball). You probably do not always want to use the highest rated pitches or else your opponent will start seeing a patten and have an easier time hitting the balls you throw. Mixing it up is important. The catcher will also make suggestions as to what type of pitch he thinks you should throw. You do not need to follow his advice

After your have selected the type of pitch you want you will have to aim your throw. Use the left analogue stick to choose a quadrant around the base. The catcher will make a recommendation on where he thinks you should aim the ball. As before, you do not have to follow his advice.

Now that you have your pitch lined up it is time to throw the ball. Continue to hold the left analogue stick to aim the ball and then use the right stick to begin the throw. A combination of button movements will appear on your screen. Pull off this combination correctly to throw a perfect pitch.


There are three different types of swings a player can choose to use.

  1. Contact swings should be the type that you use the most often. It is not designed to be hit out the park, instead it is used to get your hitter to first base and hopefully move the rest of your teammates around the bases as well. To make a contact swing press up on the right analogue stick once the ball is within range.
  2. Power swings are used to try and hit the ball out of the park. To use this type of swing you need to pull back on the right analogue stick until the ball is within range, and then press forward to swing the bat.
  3. Defensive swings should be used only when you want to hit a foul ball. This can be useful when you feel as though you will not be able to pull off either of the other swing types. Hitting a foul will allow you to try your hand at another pitch.

Hitting can take a lot of practice. Hitting the ball perfectly comes down to timing. Swinging early or late will cause the ball to go in the opposite direction you intended. The amount of power a hit will have also comes down to timing.

Stealing Bases

base stealing

Stealing bases can be difficult and requires proper timing. You will want to steal a base just as the pitcher lifts his leg up to throw the ball. You can also choose to have your player slide automatically into the base, or press up on the right analogue stick and your player will dive head first into the bag. Also make sure to take a look at the player’s stats to see if he has a high speed rating. Players with a low speed rating are unlikely to steal bases successfully.


To unlock achievements your difficulty level must be set to Pro or higher and most plays must be completed in a non-simulated game. Also if an achievement requires that a certain play be performed you must physically perform the play. If a computer player performs it you will not unlock the achievement.

A few of the achievements that can be unlocked include:

  • Learning the Ropes - Get gold ratings in all eight drill games.
  • The Hall - Get to the Hall of Fame in My Player mode.
  • A Day in the Life - Play a game from MLB today.
  • A Pitcher’s Best Friend - Complete a double play.
  • Don’t Call it a Comeback - Win the game after being down by 4 after the 6th inning.
  • One Man Show - Pitch a perfect game without allowing any bases to be taken in a 9 inning game.
  • Time to Run for Mayor - Hit 3 home runs with the same player in the same game.
  • Stooges - When pitching strike out all three hitters in an inning.
  • Though Shalt Not - Get a runner out who is trying to steal a base.
  • The Call - Get promoted to the Majors in My Player mode.
  • The Top - Become the highest ranked player in your organization in My Player mode.