Alpha Protocol - How To Defeat Brayko or Killing Brayko Guide

Alpha Protocol - How To Defeat Brayko or Killing Brayko Guide
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Alpha Protocol - Brayko Battle Guide

Alpha Protocol throws multiple set pieces at the player throughout the 25 or so hour experience. These often involve tense dialogue based situations or a locale defining boss battle. This article deals with the latter, as we look at how to – in Alpha Protocol – defeat Brayko, the Russian drug lord and vehement killer. In Alpha Protocol, killing Brayko isn’t the easiest task and that is why we have written this guide, trying to provide some strategies that can effectively deal with the disorientating and challenging boss battle.

Alpha Protocol - Killing Brayko In His Mansion

Before entering the Brayko boss battle, a series of events unfurl during the course of the infiltration mission into his mansion. Actually getting into the mansion can be eased with the help of G22 or SIE, from there players will need to choose between retrieving further Halbech data or saving their handler (as they’ve been kidnapped). After this choice, the next building players go into houses Brayko, who can be found in a disco room after dealing with several guards in the previous room leading to him.

There is a way to circumvent the difficulty of killing Brayko. After the “Assault Brayko’s Mansion” mission is reached, leaving Moscow and levelling up by doing the missions in Taipei or Rome before attempting to defeat Brayko again can be beneficial. His level will remain the same as when the mission was first unlocked, therefore it should make for an easier fight. Further still, getting into the good graces of Steven Heck can yield a further advantage in killing Brayko, as Heck will tamper with his drugs to make him weaker during the fight.

Alpha Protocol - Defeat Brayko With This Boss Battle Guide

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Brayko has two distinct patterns of attack during the disco room boss fight. The default or starting attack is a simple ranged SMG cover & fire tactic. The quickest and perhaps easiest method to defeat Brayko in this phase is to use a high level pistol chain shot on him. Ploughing several bullets into him while under the effects of bullet time can take off a decent portion of his health. The best time to hit him without chain shot is when he decides to run to the next cover point, as his aim decreases and he is a visible target.

Brayko’s second attack pattern is a little trickier. After his health drops below the 75% mark, he snorts cocaine and tries running at Thorton while brandishing two knives. With the help of Heck, he won’t receive a speed boost, otherwise note that he will be faster than Thorton during this phase. The best way to deal with this limited time attack is to run. By effectively using the scenery to weave away from Brayko, he will likely never catch Thorton and tire out before returning to his first attack phase.

Alpha Protocol - Brayko’s Demise

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Lastly, note that a white flash from the disco lights will indicate the spawning of two or more enemy grunts. These can be dispatched easily when Brayko isn’t running at you. If he is, then quickly getting off a chain shot on all grunts would be the best option to deal with them. Furthermore, be aware of the ammo/first-aid drops from these grunts as well as the caches found on the stage during the boss fight.

After players defeat Brayko, they will be presented with the option to either kill him outright or interrogate him further. Players killing Brayko will obtain his dual SMG’s, which aren’t particularly useful in comparison to other guns available. Interrogating him and picking the correct dialogue choices will net players $75,000 as well as his disco room sound system – which is seen back at Thorton’s Moscow safe house.