Alpha Protocol - Omen Deng Character Profile & Boss Battle Tips

Alpha Protocol - Omen Deng Character Profile & Boss Battle Tips
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Alpha Protocol - Omen Deng Character Profile

In Alpha Protocol, Omen Deng serves as a tertiary antagonist & protagonist to the game’s narrative. He is a mysterious and curious character that Michael Thorton can meet multiple times while going through the Taipei missions of the game. Initially portrayed as an adversary to the erstwhile agent of Alpha Protocol, Omen Deng is first fought and defeated before explaining his true motives, which in-turn explicate him to Thorton. This article provides an in-depth character profile of Alpha Protocol’s Omen Deng as well as outlining some of the best ways to kill or beat him during the Taipei finale.

Initially, players will come into contact with Deng on the Chingmei Subway Line in Taipei, where he introduces himself to a baffled Thorton. His history is tragic and framed with more detail by his in-game dossier. Deng’s father was a personal bodyguard to Ronald Sung who was placed under arrest as an enemy of the Chinese people’s republic. This occurred during the initial formative years of Deng’s youth, leaving a hole where his father should have been. Through his father’s ties, Deng would learn of & subsequently bring down the pro-independence group know as the “Nine Omens”.

Alpha Protocol - Omen Deng’s Important Information

His part in finding and eradicating this splinter group led to him being appointed by the Chinese secret police. After years within the CSP, he gradually rose to become one of the top and most feared/respected intelligence agents in the area. Unbeknownst to almost everyone – including Thorton until he eventually defeats him at the Memorial Rally – he is in fact a double agent of the “True Heirs” and works close by the president of Taiwan; Ronald Sung. He is an undercover agent of Taiwan who has infiltrated the Chinese secret police to further the goals of Ronald Sung and his pro-independence agenda.

Further still, he engages Thorton in battle because he believes the American is the would-be assassin of Sung. After finding out that both men want to stop the assassination attempt, he departs to try and save the president. Although players have the choice to execute him after ending the boss battle, it is advantageous to keep him alive, as later in the game he alerts Thorton to some integral information. This final meeting occurs during the infiltration of Alpha Protocol. Omen Deng will appear on a monitor and tell of the assassin’s true identity – forcing the agent into a difficult and possibly heart-rending decision.

How To Defeat Omen Deng In Alpha Protocol

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As for the boss battle; there are three separate stages in which to defeat Omen Deng. Firstly, players will need to fight him from afar, on the steps of the memorial building. When the henchmen are down, Deng will retreat to the next part of the battle, a room full of scaffolds. This is more about traversal than damage and when Thorton has reached the end of this section, the third phase will begin, after several waves of enemies and some pot-shots from Deng himself.

There is an opportunity to place grenades and mines on the ground to damage Omen Deng before he actually spawns. Also, using some adroit melee tactics can stop him from using his powerful close-combat techniques. He can be defeated easily in comparison to some of the other bosses, especially if a combination of both chain shot & grenades are used. As discussed above, after he has been defeated, players can execute him for his personal shotgun or keep him alive for the aforementioned scene during the endgame.