The Secrets of Age of Empires III Campaign - Complete the Steel Camapaign of AOE

The Secrets of Age of Empires III Campaign - Complete the Steel Camapaign of AOE
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Campaign Three – Steel

After finishing the Blood Campaign and the Ice Campaign, you can advance further in the Age of Empires III game. The final act of the campaign takes place in the Industrial Revolution Era. Amelia Black is the main character, and she owns a big company with debts. Many missions await her in her quest – guided by your hands of course (or should I say mouse and keyboard?). To help you in your quest to completing the AOE III final campaign (and the game itself), here is a brief overview of the first 3 scenarios.

Race for the Rails

This scenario starts with a fully established Town – which is rarely seen in the game. All you need is to increase the resources and manpower. Produce troops and musketeers. Build a trading post near the road and you will receive a useful tickle of XP. Moreover, by upgrading the trading post you can increase the pace of the trickle. When you reach age VI the upgrade will give rails on that road and trains will pass by it. Switch the trading post to collecting wood. Create villagers – this will also require building houses. Take your army and attack the trading post of the enemy. Don’t forget to increase the resources while fighting, as you will need them – as well as reinforcements. It is advisable to have a villager nearby as you will need to build an outpost besides the trading post.

Race for Rails AOE scenario

Hold the Fort

As the name suggests, you only need to hold your ground in this scenario – but that is not so easy. Upgrading the trading post to railroad is almost a must if you wish to survive. Establish a colony, build mills, plantation and other necessary buildings. Use the trading post to collect wood and increase other resources by gathering with villagers. Next upgrade your barracks to produce more powerful troops. Play troop cards if you get the chance. Obtain the maximum possible musketeers and make some of them protect your fort and front gate. If you have some spare time, you can also send the rail workers out to build trading posts – but beware NOT to give them protection of the troops, as you will need as much of the latter as possible to face the constant attacks.

Hold the Fort - AOE III

The Boneguard’s Lair

Start by going to the caves and consistently defending the attacks by the enemies. You will probably have to face the shortage of the resources – so use them wisely. But don’t worry - later you will get a chance to acquire a wagon. Steal it and then send it back to the caves. Take any one of the three villages offered to you. Also discover the three villages. As soon as you get more supply wagons, bring Kanyenke to the caves and use him for fighting with the enemies. Explore caves and you will get more stockades and weapon caches. Destroying enemies will give more XP – but beware, you will also have to defend yourself from the white animals of the caves. Explore the first part of the caves fully. In the second part of the caves there is a Beaumont. You will also find treasures here which are protected by guardians. Kill the defenders, capture the treasures and win the scenario.

Boneguard Lair Scenarion in Age of Empires


So, that’s it! The only thing left is to complete another 7 or so scenarios and you’ll have won the AOE campaign. But that is not all! You can play many single player and multiplayer games- enjoying skirmishes with different nations.