The secrets of Age of Empires III - Blood Campaign

The secrets of Age of Empires III - Blood Campaign
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Campaign One - Blood

This is the first campaign of the AOE 3 game. It will place you in the role of Morgan Black, a member of the Knights of St. John. He’s a hot-tempered Scottish man who, though past his prime in age, continues to serve his order and his people. As Act I opens the Ottomans land on the island of Malta. They are led by a man named “the Falcon,” who is determined to breach the defenses and take the island under Ottoman control. Malta is where Morgan is posted, and he’s not ready to give up the island to anyone. There are many battles, and presented below are helpful tips to win the first 3 missions.


First of all you should get prepared for self defense, get sufficient resources and increase your armed forces. You can double click the barracks and right click near the gate in the wall to defend from the invading enemy. Produce more crossbowmen and pike men. Replenish Morgan’s unit making sure he has enough men. With the help of Morgan find treasure spots and collect them all. Then you have to face the enemy and despatch them in order to win the day and progress. Visit your home city and continue for the second stage.

Into the Caves

Follow the orders of Morgan. Keep producing crossbow men to a sufficient quantity. Make your outposts safe and continue to increase your armed forces. Complete the objectives given to you. Build Hoop Towers and Artillery Foundry. Buy horses and upgrade villagers. Kill the wild animals near the treasure and bring the treasure with your other units. Also keep track of the quantity of soldiers and villagers you have and make sure the numbers never fall too low. Engage one of your army forces to destroy the enemy buildings. Let the other force destroy the manpower of the enemy. Use the army to find the caves which need to be breeched. Try not to keep the villagers idle for a long time. Shift everything to the caves and move further for the next stage.


You have to wait for Malta to send more ships and supplies as you need to build an outpost. You will be given a wagon which will help you to build the town center. Meanwhile explore the island. Start collecting resources, treasures, barracks, outposts and dock with the help of the villagers. This will help you to protect your territory. Also create maximum possible crossbowmen and ships. Load troops in the ships and sail them to explore the undiscovered land. It will be an easy task. Upgrade the town center to the third age and this will simultaneously upgrade your different units. Collect the maximum possible treasures you can. Build a second tower center. When you are ready to attack bombard the central island area with ships. Keep your military on your home city in order to reduce the damage taken on your side. When it’s safe unload the maximum possible number of troops but remember to keep some of them to protect the main island. Use canons to demolish the buildings of your enemies.

More to come

Well, from now you are on your own, I would not like to take all the fun out of the game by revealing all the secrets of AOEIII strategy to you. But once you finish the first campaign the second one is unlocked. More hints will come in the next article!