Basic Age of Empires strategy - AOEIII starer's guide - Overview

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The popular computer game Age of Empires III, also known as AOE III, was a huge hit in the year of 2005. Players found themselves fascinated with this game because of the ability to virtually rule the world. The object of the game was to start with a basic settlement and make it into the most powerful team on the map. You can engage in battle and winning the combat will conquer the opposing team thus making your team more and more powerful. So if you have a dream of wanting to rule the world then this game is definitely for you.

The Basics

The Age of Empires III, also known as AOE III was named the best selling game of 2005 because of the fact that it sold over 313,000 copies that year alone. That made it one of the best games of all time for computer play. This game is mostly set in the years of 1421 to 1850 in the “New World”. This game makes the player develop a European colony from a settlement to a full out empire. There are two main branches which are economy and military.

Economy and Military

The economy game play is characterized by the collecting of resources and production of civilian units. The civilian units are best to create because they are the ones that collect your resources. The military game play involves production of military units and they handle the problems between rival teams or factions.

Game concepts

There are three modes that you can play your game in: single player skirmishes, story-based campaigns, and online multiplayer skirmishes. Single player mode takes place between you and the computer where rules are set up before play begins. The online mode is where your game connects with the internet and your battles take place with other actual human players who are playing in online mode too. The online mode is also known as multiplayer mode and you can even have your friends meet you online to play with you or even against you.


When a match has come up that means there is a conflict between another team, or two, that are racing to develop the most powerful nation by upgrading and the creation of buildings and units. The match always ends with one of two conclusions: defeat through combat or one team hands in a resignation (in other words a white flag to surrender). The game will end when only one player, or team, is left alive and well on the map.

New Features

There are a few new features, compared to older versions of this game, when it comes to combat such as the player being able to ship troops, resources, buildings, and even improvements. The improvements are used to aid your troops in battle and depending on whether you are playing in economical mode or military mode will determine what kind of improvements are available.

Summary and more to come.

Age of Empires III is an excellent game - one of the best real-time strategy. It introduces improvements to the previous versions (AOE and AOEII - Age of Kings) and although the game is now almost 3 years old, it is still a very playable and enjoyable one. AOE III also includes some new concepts- Home cities, Unique civilizations, Campaings. All those will be covered in the following articles.