Know All the Secrets of AOEIII - Age of Empires Campaign Overview - Part II - Ice Gampaign

Know All the Secrets of AOEIII - Age of Empires Campaign Overview - Part II - Ice Gampaign
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Campaign Two - Ice

After you have completed the first Blood Campaign, you are allowed to advance further in the Age of Empires III game. It happens many years later, featuring the grandson of Morgan Black - John Black. The ultimate target of the campaign is still the fountain of youth… Many battles will be fought before you find it – the tips below should help you to progress past the first 3 scenarios.

Defend the Colony

As the name suggests, you just need to defend yourself. This scenario is relatively easy – your colony is strong enough to counter occasional attacks of the Cherokee. Don’t forget to build outpost towers to increase you defensive firepower. Gain resources and produce manpower. Build barracks so that you can defend the colony for the necessary 15 minutes. Produce villagers at the maximum. Upgrade units and attacking power. Other upgrades can be done later on. Then start getting your shipping from the home city including the villagers. Increase your resources. Very soon you will need to take your military and go to the southwest to fight with the Cherokee. Before ending the stage you will have to fight with Cherokee once again but you can easily beat them. Now you can buy valuable cards that you will need for upcoming scenarios.


Strange Alliances

This is a very crucial time for you as you don’t have any villagers and you can’t create them at this point of time. You need to put together the military in its group. You can easily kill the enemies now and even your soldiers can easily soak up the damage. Go down, capture the area and try for negotiations with Cherokee. Here you will meet Warwick who is in search of the Fountain of Youth and he believes that the Black family knows the way to it. You will get a wagon which will transform into a Town Center, enabling you to create villagers and troops. Establish your colony as early as possible and increase manpower and resources. You can also build walls around the units to get some more time for war preparations and reduce damage. Upgrade to age three and try to destroy the fort near your territory. Do NOT try to do it before reaching the third age. Only then you should enhance your military power and attack the enemy home city.


The Rescue

In this scenario you need to protect the north edge, allowing you to keep control of both north and south sides. Build a Stable. Defend against small attacks. Use the ability of your people for healing your troops, as your resources are limited. Save the game and establish a city. Setting up walls will protect your city. Though you have to face many attacks, concentrate on your town establishment. Buy horses and attack the south side of British camp until they leave the place. Use your resources very carefully and keep fighting with the British. Upgrade to age 3. Build an Artillery Foundry and barracks. Buy Musketeers and cannons. Use shipments from your home city to build strong force and attack the British. Destroy all British buildings to win.

More to Come

Well, I believe you have learned much from the first three battles – probably enough to continue the conquest on your own. Of course there are other “secrets” – but this will take the whole fun out of the game, right? Anyway, I will write about Campaign 3 in the next article – hopefully you will complete the Ice campaign of AOE by then!