How To Create A Group in Age Of Conan Online - Strategies of Group Creation in Age of Conan Online

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How to Set the Roles of Each Group Member

When it comes to setting the roles for group members, each class needs to have a set way that they will play throughout the instance. By keeping everything in a set order with each class and group member, it will help to maximize the efficiency of the group and help you complete the quest easier. This means that you need to have a firm grasp on what each class does, is capable of, and how to best utilize their talents.

Even though this strategy guide is about the conqueror in Age of Conan, we’ll go through the basics of each class here so you can become a strong group leader by knowing what the other classes are capable of, what they should do, and how to assign them positions in your group. This will make you a better leader, a better fighter, and someone who other players will look to for group help and game help. So, here is a short bio of the different classes and where they should be assigned in your group:

Healers – These are the players who will help to keep you, and the other group members, alive when you are in the midst of a big battle. But, these will also be the weakest members of the group, which means that you need to assign someone to help keep mobs off of them so they can heal. Healers should always stay at the back of the group, so that they don’t accidentally aggro a mob or they don’t take a ton of damage and die. By staying at the back of the group, they can easily keep an eye on the other group members and allow them a better avenue to heal without distractions. In smaller groups, these players can also help to deal out some damage spells after the mobs have been aggroed by another player. This will help to defeat mobs in instances faster as well. Some of the most popular healer classes include the Bear Shaman, the Priest of Mitra, and the Tempest of Set.

Damage Dealers – This is the class that the Conqueror belongs in. These are the classes that have the abilities to deal out massive amounts of damage, so this is their goal in a group. Sometimes termed “tank assists” if there is a main tank already and sometimes the “tank”, these are the classes that will rush in and aggro the mobs to keep them off healers, casters, and other group members and take on most of the damage. These classes are highly skilled in melee attacks, and one type of these classes is a perfect member to help protect your healer. Some of the most popular of these classes include the Conqueror, Demonologist, Necromancers, Assassins, Rangers, Barbarians, and Guardians. These are probably the most plentiful in the game as well, so they should be easy to find.

Tanks – These are the classes that have the highest defense rating, and therefore have the ability to keep mobs focused on them to keep damage off of other players. Some tanks have more health, others have an extremely high defense rating, either way, they are more equipped to deal with melee attacks, spells, and more as the tank for the group than other classes. Being the group tank means that you will have a lot of responsibility when it comes to this position. You will also have to be on top of your game so that you can pay attention to all of the different aspects that go into being an effective tank. One of the main responsibilities that tanks have is to make sure that everyone is alive and safe, which means that you need to know when to attack, when to retreat, and when to tell the weaker group members to run. Tanks will have special abilities that will allow them to help keep group members alive and safe during instances. Two of the most popular tanking classes in the game include the Guardian and the Dark Templar.

Before you head into battle, you want to make sure that everyone knows what their role is in the group and that they fully understand who they will be covering or pulling when the battle begins. You want to take the time to ensure that your group members know their roles, that you have a strong leader who can mark targets for everyone else, and that you have a firm grasp on what you will be doing in the instance. Without a firm plan, you will find that it might be hard to keep the group together and working as a team. So, make sure that you take the time to assign everyone’s roles and go through the quest information with everyone before hand.

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