Free Age of Conan Custom Interface Guide

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Get More Out of Conan

The default Age of Conan user interface is functional and moderately customizable, but extraordinarily competitive players are likely to find it lacking. Those looking for a special advantage over their opponents in PvP can increase their prowess by downloading a custom UI that shows more information at once, has greater hotbutton functionality and can be further altered to suit the unique needs of your class and build.

The most popular interface mod is called MirageUI, which is updated constantly along with Age of Conan patches. This UI adds two additional shortcut bars bindable to hotkeys, redesigned party and pet information bars, custom unit frames for allies and enemies, a re-skinned social window and a repositioned combat rose custom coded not to overlap with the other new interface elements.

Age of Conan also supports small utility programs that can run along with the default UI or a custom skinned one. The Kevmar’s Tortage Toolkit (KTT) utility package is nearly ubiquitous, particularly among raiders and serious PvPers. The KTT has damage meters that record damage and healing logs for everyone in a party or raid, a Kill on Sight (KoS) list that alerts you whenever your favored PvP enemies show up in radar range and an automatically updating damage per second (DPS) meter that records how much pain you pump out in real time. KTT generates reports on command either to the user interface or directly to your clipboard - perfect for sharing a play-by-play of your most thrilling Hyborean exploits.

Another popular utility is the ByCrom UI Patcher, which functions as an alternative patch interface while performing some other miscellaneous functions such as keeping track of all the UI mods you have installed, providing warnings when Age of Conan starts hogging too much system memory to provide advance notice for a crash, improves font readability and logs all chat and combat actions to outside text files if you choose to enable the option.

UI customization isn’t just about getting an advantage over your enemies - it also just helps to make the game more functional. If you don’t like how the default UI works, downloading and swapping in a new skin only takes a few minutes.