Free Age of Conan General Leveling Guide

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Paint Hyboria Red

The march to level 80 in Age of Conan will involve cutting, blasting and piercing your way through thousands of monstrous and humanoid foes in the dramatic land of Hyboria. The first 20 levels in the tutorial area of Tortage will go by relatively quickly, but after that, it’ll be a fight for survival, requiring the completion of many quests or repeated PvP combat.

PvP combat is more exciting than fighting against computer controlled enemies, but the speed of leveling is more variable, and you are more likely to die often if you are not traveling with a strong raiding party.

Depending on your class, it may be better for you to level alone or in a group. Classes that can use many area of effect (AoE) spells and attacks like the Priest of Mitra - who can also heal themselves - will have the easiest time cutting through large groups of enemies and leveling faster.

Generally, when leveling, you want to be fighting opponents either at your level or three levels below you. Even though you might be getting more experience per kill when fighting more difficult enemies, you will run a higher chance of dying, which would take down your leveling gains.

One of the best ways to increase your leveling speed is to forgo looting enemies. Although it only takes a second or two to loot each body, when you add that up, that means the loss of hours of time that could otherwise be spent killing things.

In Age of Conan, leveling goes relatively quickly until you reach 40, after which quests start to become fewer and farther between and the leveling curve starts to get sharper. Don’t be discouraged - just be prepared to move around between quest areas more often than you were accustomed to in the previous levels. The Armsman Tavern and Arena has a fantastic set of solo and group quests with great rewards to go through for players above level 40, all clustered together in a small area.

The trek from level 50-70 is the most difficult in the game, if only because of the relative paucity of leveling areas for that range. Once you get to 70, a number of options open up for you. The Eiglophian Mountains is the most convenient leveling area from 50-60, as you can stay there throughout the entire range. From 60-70, stick with Atzel’s Approach, as you can remain there until level 75 - or until you get bored.