Xbox 360 Gamers' X-Men Origins: Wolverine Tips, Hints, and Strategies

Xbox 360 Gamers' X-Men Origins: Wolverine Tips, Hints, and Strategies
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Tips and HInts

Wolverine is the perfect weapon to entertain in an adventure/action video game because of his visceral appeal that just screams heavy attack. The developers haven’t disappointed, Wolverine’s heavy attack has an amazing amount of uses, including upper cuts that rend and tear and send opponents flying through the air, if Wolverine charges at them and connects. The heavy attack is also used to execute Wolverine’s Auto-Finishers, powerful attacks that can occur when Wolverine executes a heavy attack against an opponent that is low in health. These attacks are fast and brutal instant kills, like sweeping low attacks that chop an opponent’s legs off, double-slashing parallel blows that remove an opponent’s arms, and Wolverine smashing his right-fist through an opponent’s chest. Use and practice Wolverine’s heavy attack as much as possible and you’ll feel more like Wolverine should and get more out of the game.

You can also charge Wolverine’s claw attack if you press and hold the heavy attack button and then release it when it’s full, which will unleash a powerful pop-up attack that will send both Wolverine and his target flying into the air. Wolverine is less vulnerable to attack in the air and if you chain into a heavy attack or Air Grab while in the air, Wolverine’s attacks will juggle his victim in the air and keep Wolverine in the air longer.

Wolverine’s grab attack allows you to make quick kills once he has moved to close range and gotten a hold on his victim. You can execute this attack by pressing the heavy attack button after grabbing an opponent or you can play with them a bit by using the normal attack, which will hit his victim with a series of quick jabs.

Wolverine can also eliminate his enemies using the environment as his weapon of choice; spikes, statues, vehicles, just about any object is harder than human flesh and will do nicely to impale, shred, electrocute or rend. Wolverine does this by highlighting his environmental weapon of choice using his Feral Senses and then grabbing an enemy near the object or throwing someone into the object to achieve an environmental kill. You’ll look real cool and send your opponents instantly to hell using environmental kills and gain double the rage of a normal kill, so they’re worth looking for while you’re playing X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Tougher opponents will be harder to eliminate using the grab environmental kill strategy, but they’re just as easy to kill using throwing environmental kills. Take care when trying to use environment as your instrument of death though, Wolverine can also be knocked or thrown onto environmental kills, and although this won’t kill you, you’ll have to heal.

Experience points are the key to playing X-Men Origins: Wolverine and you receive experience points for kills, so mix your attacks up. You’ll receive more experience points if you use a variety of different attacks to eliminate an opponent. Use heavy, air, ground, fury, and normal attacks in combination, and you’ll be rewarded with more experience points and gain levels quicker.

The developers have included uniforms for Wolverine to wear while playing X-Men Origins: Wolverine that are unlocked when you find action figures that are spread around the game. You need to find two figures to unlock each uniform, but they included five of each type in the game, so you should be able to find more than you need. It’s actually a good idea to find as many of these items as you can because they’re each worth a lot of experience points and a little additional rage.


X-Men Origins: Wolverine hints and tips within

We’ll talk about heavy auto-finishers

We’ll also talk about environmental kills

X-Men Origins: Wolverine Cheat Codes

Playstation 3

  • Double Reflex Gain - X, X, square, square, triangle, triangle, circle, circle, triangle, triangle, square, square, X, X, R3
  • Infinite Rage - triangle, square, square, triangle, circle, circle, triangle, X, X, triangle, R3
  • Never Die - square, X, X, square, triangle, triangle, square, circle, circle, square
  • Unlock Classic Costume - X, square, circle, square, X, triangle, X, triangle, X, square, circle, circle, square, R3

Xbox 360

  • Double Reflex Gain - A, A, X, X, Y, Y, B, B, Y, Y, X,X, A, A, RS
  • Infinite Rage - Y, X, X, Y, B, B, Y, A, A, Y, RS
  • Never Die - X, A, A, X, Y, Y, X, B, B, X, RS
  • Unlock Classic Costume - A, X, B, X, A, Y, A, Y, A, X, B, B, X, RS