WWE Smackdown is Laying Down the Smack on Raw - WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009 Wii Review

WWE Smackdown is Laying Down the Smack on Raw - WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009 Wii Review
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Pain is so much fun

Here take my foot

Let me help you

Wrestle like your hero

The good parts (4 out of 5)

WWE Smackdown versus Raw 209 comes with a startling array of new weapons, 40 match types; including hell in the cell, backstage brawls, and fatal 4-ways battles, add motion control entrances and victory animations that will leave your competitors wanting a piece of you and let the fun begin.

You can play as one of over 60 different wrestling superstars; including John Cena, Randy Ortne, Triple H, Batista, Ken Kennedy, Rey Mysterio and a lot more, so you can try any of the modes as the wrestling hero you always wanted to be.

WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009 has all the modes wrestling fanatics have come to expect and more, with Road to Wrestlemania, Create a Superstar, Career mode, and fun and competitive on line play against talented and cut throat players from around the world

The bad parts of the game (2 out of 5)

WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009 has occasional graphical rough cuts, bad transitions between scenes, annoying bugs and even typos for a couple of the wrestlers that bring the overall presentation down a notch.

Many gamers, including myself, have been hoping for a wrestling titles that takes into account specific damage to areas, you still just wear down your opponents health and put them out once their in the danger zone, sometimes it only takes thirty seconds.

The game’s graphics (3 out of 5)

The overall feel and presentation of WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009 is disappointing at times. It still has some of the problems from last year; the crowd is poorly detailed, and the camera is a pain at times, just quickly panning across things. The character animations are lacking visual depth and detail.

Sounds of the game (3 out of 5)

The good character voice acting in WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009 is often lessened by the audible hiccups that accompanied them, making the talking a little jumpy at times.

The sound effects are probably the most disappointing part; they were often weak and inaudible, poorly done and executed, and ultimately bringing the entertainment value of the game down.

The game’s story line (3 out of 5)

One of the best things about Smackdown versus Raw 2009 is the story lines that are included with many of the modes, like MVP defecting from the USA, Triple H dealing with Evolution, and DX and CM Punk retaking ECW. Every wrestler has a unique style, entrance, exit and act, many familiar to wrestling fans, and they are all here for you to play.

How much fun is the game to play? (4 out of 5)

The variety of matches, wrestlers to choose from, fun and entertaining modes, and exclusive on line content included with Smackdown versus Raw 2009 gives you hours and hours of fun that could easily turn into days on un-ending free-for-all wrestling fun.

The game has improved from the 2008 version, but the general overall game play still needs work, and bugs still exist that need to be fixed, maybe next year.

WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009 plays more like an arcade gaming experience, for now, with lots of screen assists and prompts to help you on your way to the top of the wrestling world.

The final grade (3 out of 5)

A fun, entertaining sports games, WWE Smackdown versus Raw 2009 has everything you have come to expect from previous wrestling titles by THQ, with a few extras that add to the interactive experience provided marginally.

All the modes were interesting and provided variety for the gamer and will certainly be a good tutorial for the real wrestling included with this title. The on line matches against unknown opponents, which can be really humbling and competitive, were for me the best part, especially when you find out your opponent is half your age. You can use the on line rating system included to see how you stand in the world of on line wrestling and go for “Legendary” status.

Overall Smackdown versus Raw is an improvement over previous titles and this is probably all we can really ask for, issues still exist with the Wii remote not registering moves at times and the animated wrestlers will occasionally stop wrestling for a second, but beyond this the game is solid fun.

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