Guide to Hidden and Secret Locations in World of Warcraft

Guide to Hidden and Secret Locations in World of Warcraft
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The developers at Blizzard really love what they do. It’s very obvious in the way they so lovingly craft worlds for their players to inhabit. The world of Azeroth, for example, is a fantastically-detailed fantasy realm full of wondrous sights and creatures for WoW players to discover.

Azeroth is such a fully-realized realm that there are many hidden sites that many players will never even hear of, let alone experience for themselves. Fortunately, I’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest hidden places in the World of Warcraft, along with detailed instructions for how to reach them.

All the places on this list can be reached without exploits, most just require a lengthy swim or some careful pathfinding. All of them can be reached while playing solo.

Hillsbrad Dwarven Farm

There’s a quaint little dwarven farm located on the far Eastern coastline of the Hillsbrad Foothills that is only accessible via a terrifying leap from the Thandol Span in Southern Hillsbrad and a long swim East and then North along the coastline. You can actually see the farm’s location on your in-game map; it’s the strangely empty spot in the Southeast corner of the map.

Here you’ll find a couple of simple dwarven farmers who have decided to escape from the hustle and bustle of Ironforge and retire in relative solitude while eeking out a living by farming the fertile coastal soil. One farmer makes his way back and forth from the house to the small dock while the other snoozes away in a bed inside the house.

Pest control seems to be a problem on the farm, as it’s absolutely overrun with rats and rabbits.

Beggar’s Haunt

Beggar’s Haunt Gravesite

In Northeastern Duskwood, just North of the road into Deadwind Pass, lies an abandoned alliance tower inhabited by two members of the Royal Apothecary Society. The tower itself is not particularly special; it’s plainly visible from the road and seems to serve no purpose other than housing the two undead NPCs.

What is remarkable is what lies down a little-known hidden path through a gate behind the tower. A single grave lies in a secluded grove just around the corner. Towering over it are two of the giant sword-holding statues with glowing eyes that also flank the Dark Portal in the Blasted Lands. A waterfall cascades from above and forms a small pool next to the gravesite.

It’s obviously the grave of some very significant fallen hero of the alliance, though there is no nearby indication as to whom.


Quel’Thalas in World of Warcraft

The journey to Quel’Thalas is probably the most involved of any of the locations on this list. To get there, players must make their way to the far Eastern shore of The Hinterlands or the Eastern Plaguelands (Hinterlands is easiest, though it does extend the trip somewhat). Follow the coastline North until it begins to turn to the West. Keep the shoreline on your right side until you spot an enormous tower rising on the horizon. It’s a very long trip, so aquatic form or some kind of water-walking is definitely recommended.

If you check your in-game map during the trip, you’ll notice that it shows your WoW character moving directly through the continent, despite the fact that you’re clearly following the shoreline. Apparently the developers didn’t bother to change the map when they extended the continent Northward with the release of The Burning Crusade.

All that’s left in Quel’Thalas is the enormous tower you sighted, a structure with several columns, and the remains of a moonwell. Apparently the night elves abandoned this outpost some time ago. It’s definitely a cool spot, though. It would probably be a great place for a private wedding or guild meeting. Don’t forget to grab some wallpaper screenshots while you’re here.

Newman’s Landing

Newman’s Landing

Newman’s Landing is probably the most famous of the secret World of Warcraft locations. It’s easy enough to reach, just follow the shoreline North from Stormwind Harbor (members of the horde will probably find it easiest to just swim South from The Wetlands).

This rundown shack was apparently the site of some horrible tragedy some years ago. The house itself is full of bones and destroyed furniture, there are smashed crates outside, and the post that holds the Newman’s Landing sign has a skull impaled on an axe driven into it.

The landing is now the home of High Admiral “Shelly” Jorrik and his two Booty Bay bodyguards. Jorrik also inexplicably sells engineering supplies.

Thunder Falls

Thunder Falls Defias House

Thunder Falls is not so much a hidden location as it is an oft-overlooked one. Just West of the gate of Stormwind, players who make their way to the top of a waterfall will find this tiny dwelling surrounded by low-level Defias.

Thunder Falls is home to a battered chest that almost never gets looted. Players who follow the river upstream past the dock will also discover a shortcut to the Westfall zone.

Cut Throat Alley

Cut Throat Alley Entrance

The last hidden WoW location on our list is one that many alliance players have probably walked right past countless times, blissfully unaware of its existence. Cut Throat Alley lies between the canals and Stormwind’s Dwarven District. Only accessible through a taproom that faces the canals on the Dwarven side, this tiny alley is home to a single two-story dwelling.

Cut Throat alley is a favorite hiding place for horde raiders who make their way into the city. It’s also a great place to hold a private guild meeting or just hang out where you know you most likely will not be bothered.

Azeroth is such an amazing place. No other fantasy world is so well-realized to not only have multitudes of amazing locations that everyone will visit, but also to contain these little hidden corners that only the most dedicated or curious will ever experience. These hidden locations are a true testament to the dedication of the World of Warcraft developers.