Exploring Structure of Darnassus - World of Warcraft Cities

Exploring Structure of Darnassus - World of Warcraft Cities
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Overview of Darnassus

Darnassus is the main Night Elf city for the World of Warcraft Night Elf Character race. The massive forest city hosts the leaders of the druidic sect of Night Elves as well as the priestesses of Elune, the sacred goddess of the elven people. The massive city is guarded closely by the elite of the Night Elves—the Sentinels, as well as the ancient protector treant warriors tasked with patrolling the woods in the outlying region of Darnassus.

As a player in the World of Warcraft scenario setting- especially one of the Alliance- knowing the ins-and-outs of World of Warcraft Darnassus City can be extraordinarily useful.

Notable NPCs

Tyrande Whisperwind

Tyrande Whisperwind - Priestess leader of the city, Tyrande is the wife of the Druid leader, Malfurion Stormrage. Whisperwind is the official boss of the city making her one of the most powerful characters in the entire game with stats that go past maximum level characters.

Malfurion Stormrage - Husband of the priestess leader, Tyrande Whisperwind, Malfurion was a wise druid of an ancient line of druids. Malfurion was a master druid that died previous to the events of World of Warcraft.

Fandral Staghelm - Successor of Malfurion, Fandral is the new Arch-druid of the Night Elves. He is also a quest giver to druids and low-level Night Elf characters during the early days of play.

Elanaria - A quest giver in Darnassus that has three quests available once the player has reached level 10. She is classed as a Sentinal and is set at level 62 for Player-versus-Player purposes.

Gracina Spiritmight - A high to mid-level quest giver that becomes available once the player reaches level 54. She is a preisetess of Elune and leveled at level 55 for Player-versus-Player purposes.

Master Sergeant Moonshadow - A high-level quest giver in Darnassus, Moonshadow is classed at level 62 as a Sentinal. She opens the possibility for Alliance specific quests in Darnassus.

Thyn’tel Bladeweaver - Another high-level quest giver located in the Warrior Terrace of Darnassus. Bladeweaver is leveled as a level 60 Sentinal for Player-versus-Player purposes.

Goods of Darnassus

Striped Frostsaber Mount

Darnassus is the central hub for all of elfdom in Azeroth, so naturally it is the economic epicenter of elven weaponry and items at the local vendors. The World of Warcraft Structure of Darnassus allows for the selling of the highest quality goods with elven tags associated with them. Any player searching for weapons that have more speed and agility than they do damage would do well to search Darnassus first.

Darnassus is also the central area for purchasing the panther-esque mount, the Saber. This mount can only be found or purchased by the Darnassus mount-merchant who is found at the Hunter’s Terrace.

Important Quests


The local craftsmen of Darnassus are always looking for wool, cloth, and other raw materials that they can use in their trade. These are ongoing quests for the duration of the game that you can receive standard rewards for completing. Though it is not a huge sum of loot, you will find that it can be very useful in the early stages of the game.

Priestesses Quests:

At the Temple of the Moon and once your character has reached level 10, you will have access to Tyrande Whisperwind as a quest giver. These are fantastic quests for the beginning character because they offer simple objectives, usually of killing local harpies or rescuing a comrade in danger, but they also offer very substantial rewards.


This information comes from player experience.

Images are credited to Blizzard Entertainment

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