World of Warcraft - Halls of Reflection Guide: Preparation and the Scourge Assault

World of Warcraft - Halls of Reflection Guide: Preparation and the Scourge Assault
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Introduction to the Halls of Reflection

The Halls of Reflection are the third and final of the World of Warcraft dungeons known collectively as the Frozen Halls. These instances are designed for level 80 characters. Located inside a secured area of Icecrown Citadel on the western side, the Halls is the instance portal on in the middle of the three portals by the meeting stone. There are three bosses in the Halls of Reflection: Falric, Marwyn, and the Lich King.

The Halls of Reflection as described by Blizzard:

With Jaina and Sylvanas leading the way, adventurers who make it as far as these frigid halls will quickly recognize the weapon that lies ahead: Frostmourne, the corruptive, legendary device of the Lich King himself. The Lich King’s private chambers are within reach, although they may be the death of anyone who ventures there.

Preparing for the Halls of Reflection

There are a few simple things players must know before starting Halls of Reflection:

  • The instance is composed of events. There are two events in Halls of Reflection, separated by a single pull. Once each event starts, it cannot be paused or controlled - meaning players will not be able to go AFK during either event.

  • You can fall off, and be trapped, on the escape route. The escape route in the Lich King battle is a ledge winding upward; it is possible to fall off this ledge. It is also possible to get ahead of the event and run past the next ice block, cutting the player off from the rest of the party. Players must stick with their escort to avoid either of these happening.

The Lich King’s Commanders - Enduring the Assault


After players speak with their escort - Jaina Proudmoore or Sylvanas - an event will start which will pit the group against waves of undead armies, at the command of Falric and Marwyn, the Lich King’s two commanders. There are ten waves total - five waves, followed by the Falric fight, and then another five waves, followed by the Marwyn fight. Both boss fights are explained on the following page.

Each wave will bring upon the players a varied selection of the below trash mobs - about three to five each wave. These come from around the room, and tanks can either choose to tank in the center of the room or in one of the cubbies behind Falric or Marwyn for line of sight (these bosses will not aggro in advance.) A balance of crowd control, threat, and maximizing DPS is key to mastering the scourge assault.

The scourge players will face are:

  • Tortured Rifleman: These hunters can cast a slowing frost trap, a freezing trap preventing all movement or actions, and Cursed Arrow, which will increase magic damage done to the target by 50% and should be decursed if possible.
  • Spectral Footman: These warriors can do a great deal of damage to the tank, including a strike that ignores all armor. They also can use Shield Bash to interrupt spell casting.
  • Shadowy Mercenary: These rogues will use Kidney Shot, Shadowstep, and two harmful poisons, and should be prioritized above all other targets.
  • Phantom Mage: These mages can freeze enemies in place, and cast the AoE spell Flamestrike. They also summon Phantom Hallucinations, which will explode upon death.
  • Ghostly Priest: These priests can knockback players within ten yards and fear players, but more dangerously, they can heal themselves and their allies. These should fall second in priority after any mercenaries.



Falric, the first boss of Halls of Reflection, will engage the party after the fifth wave of Scourge. His fight is fairly simple, but the loss of a DPS, or low DPS, can extend the fight tremendously.

As Falric engages, the tank should immediately begin establishing threat (positioning is unimportant.) The tank will be the target of Quivering Strike, an unavoidable ability which reduces dodge chance by 20%. Anyone in the part with a magic dispel should also be on the look out for Impending Despair and clear it quickly, as if it is allowed to tick off on the target, it will stun them for six seconds - which can be particularly dangerous on the tank or healer. Falric will also occasionally cast Defiling Horror, a fear that will send all the players scattering for four seconds while doing moderate damage to them. This fear cannot be broken, as it is a Horrify effect.

Falric’s signature ability, however, is Hopelessness. This is an aura which will reduce the damage and healing of the party in 20% increments (25% in Heroic) and will be applied when Falric reaches 66% health, 33% health, and 10% health. This aura can be removed temporarily by death knights with Anti-Magic Shell, but is otherwise persistent. As such, DPS’s strategy should be to burn Falric quickly, utilizing all cooldowns before the first application of Hopelessness.

Once Falric has been defeated, players will have only a brief rest before the second wave of scourge begins.

Falric Loot: Normal Mode, Heroic Mode (via Wowhead)


After another five waves of Scourge, Marwyn will become hostile and attack the party. As with Falric, the tank should be prepared to pick him up immediately.

Marwyn is an easier fight than Falric, and can be considered a classic “tank and spank” with some extra movement thrown in. All players must be aware of, and watch for, Well of Corruption, which appears as a dark circle on the ground. Although it does not directly do damage on its own, it can be deadly combined with one of Marwyn’s other abilities, Shared Suffering, which can do an immense amount of shadow damage to the target.


Marwyn is also capable of casting Corrupted Flesh, which will reduce any nearby party member’s maximum health by 25% (50% in normal) for 8 seconds. Healers should also be aware of his ability to use a powerful Obliterate, which does 18,000 damage in normal and 26,000 damage in heroic to the tank. The fight is otherwise simple to complete and should be relatively easy, even if a party member is lost in the scourge waves.

When Marywn is defeated, players will be free to recover, and then head down the hallway to fight a Frostsworn General. This is a mini-boss, but is relatively easy to defeat. It will summon copies of all party members; these should be defeated via single target focus after the Frostsworn General is dead, as they explode upon death.

Marwyn Loot: Normal Mode, Heroic Mode (via Wowhead)

Fleeing the Lich King

Against the Lich King

After catching up with either Jaina or Sylvanas (depending on your faction), and experiencing a small event, you will be prompted to flee the Halls after speaking with the woman. Once you tell her that you are ready, the event will begin immediately, so make sure everyone is prepared.

In this event, you will be fleeing the Lich King, who will be attempting to stop the party’s progress. He will do so by casting four walls of ice as the players try to escape upward along the narrow path created for them. Although players will never fight the Lich King (he is strong enough to one-shot anyone, including tanks), they will be fighting waves of summoned minions with little chance to rest. Players should aim to run together as a party with their escort, stopping closed to the ice wall that is summoned. Here, players should make their stand, and fight off the waves of enemies the Lich King sends after them.

There are four total ice blocks and waves of scourge to deal with. Each one increases in size, and offers a collection of the following enemies (except for the first wave, which does not send abominations after the players):

  • Raging Ghoul: These zombies have low health, but come in large packs. They will usually leap together toward a single party member, but can then be quickly AoE’d down. They have no abilities besides this leap.
  • Risen Witch Doctor: Dangerous as they are powerful casters, these fallen Vrykul can not only cast Shadow Bolt and Shadow Bolt Volley on the party, they can also cast a powerful Curse of Doom which does 6,000 damage (9,000 in heroic) after nine seconds. If the party has someone who can decurse, they should make this their priority; otherwise, a healer will have to heal through it.
  • Lumbering Abomination: The greatest danger of these scourge packs, these abominations have a frontal cleave. Players must make sure to stand behind these abominations unless they are the tank, even if the tank needs to move and reposition or pick up additional mobs.

Ideally, Witch Doctors should be prioritized, followed by Abominations with Ghouls having the lowest priority as they can be AoE’d down during the fight. After the fourth wall, players will experience another small event. The loot will be found in a chest on deck the airship that lands after the event is complete.

Special note: players who die during this gauntlet cannot run back and return during the fight, nor will there be time to resurrect them out of combat. They can, however, be resurrected after the event is complete.

Lich King Loot: Normal Mode, Heroic Mode (via WoWhead)

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