WoW Guide: The Deadmines for the Horde

WoW Guide: The Deadmines for the Horde
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The Deadmines

For the Alliance, the Deadmines is the first dungeon instance that a player will have the pleasure of entering. There is a large list of Alliance quests leading up to the Deadmines. So what is in it for Horde players? There are no Horde quests in the Deadmines, and there is a lengthy run through Alliance territory just to reach the instance’s entrance. Despite these drawbacks, completing the Deadmines also completes a Class Dungeon Achievement for Horde characters, and it is a great place to pick up some low level loot, cloth, and ore. There are a few rare vanity pets dropped in the Deadmines that players can either learn or sell to make the dungeon a more lucrative adventure.

The Deadmines Loot

The amount of loot that is dropped in the Deadmines is easily the biggest draw to the dungeon. The Deadmines is rich in low level green and blue weapons and armour, as well as different types of reagents for tailoring, mining and enchanting. Because of the abundance of loot, bag space is paramount, even with a full five person group.

The Deadmines is the perfect place for a tailors, blacksmith, jewelcrafters and enchanters to gain reagents or for the industrious

Edwin Vancleef

reagent seller. For tailors, almost every mob in the Deadmines will drop either linen or, the much more valuable, wool cloth. A typical run will yield up to six stacks of wool. Characters who have taken up mining will find mostly copper but some tin and silver can sometimes be found as well. Aside from cloth, disenchantable items are the Deadmines most abundant resource. It is easy to load up on Strange Dust, Lesser and Greater Magic Essences, and Small Glimmering Shards by disenchanting all the green and blue items in the Deadmines. There are no herbs or creatures who can be skinned in this instance, for herbalists and leatherworkers are out of luck this time. At least leatherworkers will soon get their chance in Shadowfang Keep.

There are two vanity pets that can be dropped, both in the final section of the Deadmines, near the ship that Edwin VanCleef is hiding in. The less rare of the two is the Siamese Cat crate which is sometimes dropped by Cookie, a murloc boss who resides on VanCleef’s ship. The other, and much more rare, is the Green Wing Macaw. This pet will can drop from any of the pirates behind the door that players blast through to reach VanCleef’s ship. This is the only place in the game where this vanity pet can be found. Even if you don’t collect World of Warcraft vanity pets getting the Macaw as a drop is cause to celebrate. This is one of the most valuable low level items in the game, particularly for Horde characters. I have seen the Macaw go for as much as three hundred gold in the Horde auction house.

Reaching the Deadmines

As a low level Horde character, it may seem a little intimidating to go sneaking into Alliance territory for the first time but, once you have done it, you will realize that it is more time consuming than difficult.

To reach the Deadmines, the first step is to take a zeppelin to Grom’gol Base Camp. From Grom’gol the safest way is to hit the water and swim as far out as possible, then follow the shoreline north all the way to the southern tip of Westfall. At this point players it is time to get out of the water. The entrance to the

Deadmines Entrance