Finding The Lost City of the Tolvir and Defeating General Husam

Finding The Lost City of the Tolvir and Defeating General Husam
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Welcome to the Land of the Lost

The Lost City of Tol’vir is a high-level five-man instance, and is one of the first of the dungeons added in “World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.” It is home to four boss encounters: General Hussam, Lockmaw/Augh, High Prophet Barim, and Siamat.

The Lost City of Tol’vir entrance is in the southern area of Uldum, along the major river that cuts south-east. The entrance to the instance is on the north side of the city. It is available on normal (level 85, item level 305) and heroic (level 85, item level 333+) difficulties. There are two quests found inside the entrance to the zone, in addition to an available Archaeology buff from using a Tol’vir Hieroglyphic.

General Husam

General Husam

General Husam is the first boss encounter in the Lost City of the Tol’Vir. He has several special abilities that can easily wipe an unprepared party.

Mystic Traps are thrown at random group members and, when they detonate, do a sizable amount of damage and knock a player back.They are easily avoided by moving out of their explosion radius, and should be to avoid damage as well as being blown into additional mines.

In addition, Husam will periodically cast Detonate Traps which will explode all Mystic Traps at the same time. The tank will want to continually kite Husam around his room to keep moving out of areas where Husam has placed traps, to avoid trap explosions as much as possible.

The second ability Husam possesses is called Bad Intentions. He will charge a random player and impale them, then proceed to throw them against one of pillars in the room. This will deal damage, and leave the player unable to act for a few seconds. This sometimes carries extra danger, by placing this player into the range of exploding traps. This ability cannot be avoided, and so is best handled simply by healer awareness.

Husam also uses an ability called Hammer Fist against the tank. This ability instantly does 75% of normal damage frequently, so healers need to be prepared for burst damage on the tank at all times.

Shockwave is the final ability of note, and uses a different mechanic than others in the game. Husam’s Shockwave kicks up dirt in an “X” pattern around him, and after finishing the channel, rock spikes will burst from the ground. Anyone standing in them is in for a hefty amount of damage. Once again, simply avoid standing in these patches and no one should take damage.



This giant crocolisk is the second boss in the Lost City of Tol’Vir instance, and is mostly a tank-and-spank style fight.

Lockmaw’s first major ability is Dust Flail, which does a cone of damage behind him (at his tail). DPS needs to stand to the sides of Lockmaw to avoid taking high amounts of damage.

The second thing to watch out for is Scent of Blood. This mark gets put on a random party member, who will become the focused target of baby crocolisks that spawn during the encounter. The best way to deal with this is to have the marked player stand on the tank to allow them to pick up the crocolisks; alternatively, the party can AoE these crocs down before the player takes too much damage.

Lockmaw also casts Viscous Poison on a random party member. The ability will hit this person, as well as any other party member within five yards of them, with a damage over time and movement impairing debuff. This can be dispelled by cure poison, but spreading out helps minimize its effect.

Lockmaw’s final ability is called Venomous Rage. This is a 25% damage increase (enrage) that occurs when his health drops below 30%. This ability can be dispelled by enrage-dropping abilities, or simply healed through until the end of the encounter.

Augh, a pygmy, will also randomly jump into the fight and whirlwind a raid member. The person he targets should kite him away from everyone else. Damaging Augh also causes him to flee.

Augh (Heroic Only)

After Lockmaw is defeated on Heroic mode, Augh the pygmy will show up and challenge the party, stealing the loot from Lockmaw. When engaged, Augh will periodically pick someone and chase them while whirlwinding. This player should kite him away, and melee DPS should back off until whirlwind is complete. Augh may also be taunted and kited by the tank.

Augh will also use Paralytic Blow Dart from time to time. It deals about 10,500 damage initially, and 4300 damage every two seconds for 10 seconds. It also reduces the user’s haste by 40% for the duration, so dispel it quickly if possible.

Augh also has the nasty habit of using Dragon’s Breath on the tank. This will cause the tank to be disoriented for three seconds; during this disorient, Augh will attack the person that is second on his aggro table. This is generally just a minor nuisance, but make sure to keep ranged DPS and the healer at a distance.

Augh will also Frenzy when he’s low on health. This will increase his damage and attack speed by 60%, so it’s important to take him down quickly when he gains this buff. Unlike Lockmaw’s enrage, it cannot be dispelled.

High Prophet Barim

High Prophet Barim

High Prophet Barim is the third encounter in The Lost City of Tol’Vir. This is a two phase encounter.

Phase One

In phase one (the light phase), he will use Fifty Lashings, which increases the damage Barim causes for his next 10 attacks. Tanks and healers need to be mindful of this ability and use cooldowns or extra healing as necessary.

Barim also uses a damage over time disease called Plague of Ages. This disease deals a bit of damage, but will jump to nearby party members if not dispelled. Stay spread out and, If possible, remove it to prevent damaging everyone in the group.

Barim will often cast Heaven’s Fury. This ability spawns a pillar of light at a random player’s location. It will deal continuous, heavy damage to anyone that stands in it, so move away from it as soon as it appears.

A final mechanic in phase one is Blaze of the Heavens. This spawns a phoenix that pulses a constant AoE, so players will wish to stay away from it. Eventually, the phoenix will die, turning into an egg and being reborn again after a while. The Blaze can either be kited or nuked down by ranged classes.

Phase Two

At 50% health, Barim will cast Repentance on the group. This ability stuns everyone and pulls them ontop of Barim. At the end of the cast, he knocks all players away, and the second phase (dark phase) begins. It is important to stay away from Barim himself during this phase; he is completely immune to damage and is surrounded by an AoE field called Hallowed Ground.

Phase two is host to its own phoenix: Harbinger of Darkness. Unlike the Blaze of the Heavens, the Harbinger does not suffer continual damage and will need to be picked up by the tank immediately. The Harbiner will occasionally use Soul Sever on a group member, which spawns a soul fragment in the player’s likeness. This fragment then moves towards the Harbinger, giving it a damage buff should one reach it. It’s important that the tank keep the phoenix moving during this phase, and for all DPS to either burn down the Harbinger as fast as possible, or to take out the soul fragments when they spawn.

One final note on phase two: the Harbinger will hit random players for around 7500 damage. This happens frequently enough that healers need to be alert. Additionally, when the Harbinger dies, it deals around 30,000 damage to everyone, and releases Barim from Repentance, resulting in phase one starting over from 50% until Barim is defeated.


Siamats Temple

Siamats Temple

Siamat is the final boss encounter in the Lost City of the Tol’Vir, and can be accessed via slipstreams that spawn after defeating High Prophet Barim. This is also a two phase fight.

Phase One

Phase one is the add phase. When the djinn is engaged, he begins to cast Deflecting Winds. This buff will prevent 90% of all damage inflicted on Siamat for the duration of phase one. He will also begin to summon adds at this time. There are two types: Minions of Siamat, and Servants of Siamat.

The Minions of Siamat are small wind elementals that will constantly cast Chain Lightning on the group. They can be killed or ignored depending on preference, however, if killed, it is advised to bring them close to the edges of the platform the fight takes place on. When they die, they drop a slowly moving green storm that will cause damage to people that touch it. Also note that these mobs slowly take passive damage and will kill themselves eventually.

The Servants of Siamat are considerably larger, and three will spawn throughout phase one. The tank needs to pick them up, and DPS should focus on bringing them down. Before they die, they will cast Thunder Crash, which deals damage to everyone around them. This further provides a buff to whomever was hit by the ability, called Lightning Charge. Lightning Charge increases the damage the player causes by 10% as well as granting them a 10% haste buff (which does not stack with other haste buffs). The downside, however, is players will also take 33% more damage as well.

Siamat himself will constantly be casting Storm Bolt on players during phase one, which deals a bit of damage – enough to be annoying and warrant healers to stay on their toes.

Phase Two

Once the third Servant of Siamat dies, Siamat will break his shield and cast Wailing Winds. This ability will throw people around the platform, possibly knocking them off, as well as causing damage. Siamat will occasionally use Absorb Storms, which removes one of the Minion spawned storms from phase one, and grants him a passive AoE ability. Minions will also continue to spawn once phase two begins, but should be ignored.

Simply burn down Siamat during this phase, and stay close to the center to avoid being knocked off the platform.