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One Ruling them All

Kargath Bladefist is a major figure in Warcraft lore, being one of the original members of the Shadow Council and figuring into many of the epic battles throughout the Warcraft series, though always residing in Draenor, beyond the Dark Portal. After all this time leading, the Warchief of the Fel Horde is a rather beloved figurehead, and it is a shame that he must die in such a uneventful way. Kargath’s minions are not going to stand by and let you kill their dear boss without trying to do something about it, though. Once you engage him they charge the platform/dais/arena that you will be fighting him on. And then there’s the lurking assassins that guard his steps, waiting patiently to gank anyone who even things twice about approaching their grand leader. This is probably the most annoying part of this fight, because before you can engage him you first have to find and kill all the present assasins, or risk fighting them and Kargath at the same time. Even if you do get them all, there is still a chance that after the fight starts, if you leave the platform, more will appear and attack you.


Kargath Bladefist only really has one special ability, other than a normal melee attack which he will use on the person with the highest threat, without fail.

This special ability is called Blade Dance. Blade dance is Kargath’s response to getting attacked by multiple enemies. When he begins it, he will charge from player to player, at random, dealing normal melee damage to them. The problem is that if everyone is standing near each other then these attacks happen very quickly, and will more than likely kill everybody.

The Fight

Mastering this fight is all about positioning. If everyone is positioned properly then Kargath’s Blade Dance ability does minimal damage. When you first engage him, the tank has to very quickly get into position tanking Kargath in the very middle of the platform. This is crucial, so the tank should be diligent about his position. It is recommended he set his camera distance to max and look down on his head to make sure hes in the very center.

The next most important positioning is done by the healer. The healer should follow the tank in, taking up residence in one of the corners near the entrance to the platform. They should stand at maximum distance from the tank.

1 or 2 ranged DPS needs to take up positions in the corners flanking the healer. If everyone is positioned correctly, the healer should have no problem reaching the tank and the two corner DPS classes. The last DPSer, preferably a melee, needs to be given the job of guarding the entrance to the platform from the rushing mobs. After 20 seconds the first adds will show up, and that is when their job switches to purely managing adds. The other DPS should help out to take them down quickly, then return to damaging Kargath. If an add slips by and goes for the healer, the guard player should stay in position and let ranged DPS take care of it. The tank should never leave the center of the room.

By following these rules, you should have absolutely no problem beating Kargath on normal or on heroic mode. Incidently heroic is exactly the same, only with higher damage from melee attacks and Blade Dance.

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