Shattered Halls Instance Guide - Running the Gauntlet

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Nethekurse’s Vile Ooze

The first gauntlet-like situation you are going to come across in the Shattered Halls is in the sewers before you fight Grand Warlock Nethekurse. His room is blocked by a locked door, which can be picked by a Rogue with a very high lockpicking skill, if you have one in your group. If you do not, then you have to go the traditional way. Someone has blown a hole in the wall, leading to the sewers beneath. Jump down into the sewers, tank first. Its a little bit of a fall, and you will be instantly greeted by several elite Oozes and non-elite Oozlings. They will constantly respawn even though you kill them, so your group needs to steadily move up. Have your DPS focus on the non-elites while the tank controls the elite(s). Every time it starts to look clear, move up. The Oozes will continue to spawn and attack you until you have moved all the way through the sewer and have scaled the wall leading back into Nethekurse’s room.

The Gauntlet of Flame

The fight against Nethekurse is immediately followed by yet another gauntlet, only this one is much longer, much harder, and much more of its own contained event. On heroic mode, the event ends with a Boss fight. This entire hallway is a steady stream of fights. Very occasionally there will be opportunities for you to eat or drink, but don’t count on it. If someone in your party dies it is unlikely that you will have time to resurrect them before being engaged in combat once again. Not only will you be fighting enemies in melee, you will be shot at with flaming arrows, leaving lovely little bonfires everywhere. Remember WoW rule number 1: Don’t stand in fire. It is imperitive that you keep moving up. The stream of enemies will not end until you reach the end and defeat the final group (or boss {H}). If you absolutely need to, you can duck into a cubby on the side to take a very short breather. This de-aggros the archers but will not stop packs of mobs from coming at you. Make sure you do not do this too much, though, or you will be completely worn down before you ever reach the end.

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