The Shattered Halls - Group Composition Guide

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Class Roles - Tanking

This is a very difficult instance, and should only be attempted with a well balanced group of smart and attentive players.

Unfortunately, Warriors are one of the worst choices of tank for this instance. While they can avoid and mitigate a lot of damage, making it easier for them to survive, it is much more difficult for a Warrior to maintain threat on all the enemies that you will encounter in this instance (up to 7 at a time).

Druids are a good choice of tank because of their Swipe ability, as well as high health and armor. When fighting multiple enemies, however, a Druid tank will likely die quicker than a Warrior would, making strong healing and good crowd control a high priority.

Paladin tanks are the ideal tank for this instance, especially on Heroic mode, where your group faces off 5+ elites at a time in multiple areas. With a Paladin tanking, crowd control becomes less important than strong, steady DPS and healing. The Paladin must be decently geared, however, as they will be taking a lot of damage. Being uncritable (defense of 490 or higher) is very important, as is a large health pool.

Class Roles - Healing

Druids make good healers for this instance because of their ability to keep a steady stream of healing going on multiple members of the party. Innervate also becomes invaluable in a lot of fights, even against trash mobs. Druids are strong healers because of their ability to drop into Bear form if they draw aggro, thus staying alive where other healers may be killed. Their Sleep ability can be used on the hounds, and Tranquility comes in very handy.

Shamans are less recommended as healers in this instance, not because they aren’t useful or cannot heal well, but because their healing tends to draw more aggro to them than other healers. At the same time, their totems, versatility, and high armor don’t entirely rule them out. A Shaman healing in the Shattered Halls may have a tough time in spots, but they can still be very effective.

Paladins are also a decent choice of healer for the Shattered Halls. Their quick and efficient heals as well as Plate armor and Blessings make it relatively easy for them to keep to group alive. In a pinch, they can also use Hand of Protection and Divine Intervention to save the group from a wipe. The Paladin’s only weak spot is the lack of Heal over Time abilities, instant-cast heals, and group heals.

Priests are a blessing and a curse as healers in an instance like the Shattered Halls. Arguably one of the most efficient and versatile healing classes, Priests are cursed with cloth armor, making it very difficult for them to survive even one attack on heroic mode. A Priest healing in this instance needs to be very cautious, and make use of their Psychic Scream ability whenever it is safe to do so. A Priest can also use Mind Control in this instance, but only for the initial pull.

Class Roles - DPS and Crowd Control

Every class in World of Warcraft has the ability to be a DPS class, but in the Shattered Halls you are going to want to favor DPSers that have a reliable, in-combat crowd control ability. Mages are always the best choice, along with Retribution-spec’d Paladins that have taken the Repentance talent. Rogues are good, but their Sap can only be used before combat begins, and can break early. Shadow Priest’s Mind Control and Warlock’s Seduce, and Hunter’s Ice Trap, can be used if you’re desperate, but these are not the most reliable forms of crowd control.

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