Guide to Hellfire Citadel: The Blood Furnace – World of Warcraft How To

Keli’Dan the Breaker


This fight begins when someone (preferably the tank) engages one of the Shadowmoon Channelers. At this point, all five Channelers will attack the group, heading for the closest person. Make sure that person is the tank. Alternatively, the fight can be started by a Priest mind-controlling one of the Channelers, forcing the others to kill it before running towards the group. A Rogue’s Sap can also be used before the fight begins. Crowd control should be used liberally, but DPS must also be quick to kill off all of the Channelers. These are casters, so use interrupts and silences as often as possible. After all five are dead, Keli’dan the Breaker will engage the group. His main attack is a Shadow Bolt Volley, so players should stand at range. A magical debuff that increases the amount of shadow damage taken by the afflicted should be Cleansed or Dispelled. Throughout the fight, he will occasionally taunt the group, saying "Come Closer… Come Closer.. AND BURN!" When he says "burn" he will cast Burning Nova, a massive fire-based AoE attack that can easily one-shot a party-member. When he starts his monologue everyone should get as far from him as possible. This attack cannot be interrupted.


As with the rest of the Blood Furnace instance, nothing is really changed for Heroic mode. Obviously, the mobs hit much harder and therefore are much more dangerous, particularly to cloth-wearers. Every form of crowd-control available should be used to handle the initial five Channelers. Sap and Mind Control are a good combination to start with, if available. Polymorph and Seduce can also be used proactively. One of the most effective forms of crowd control in this fight isFear, Psychic Scream, and Howl of Terror. A Warrior’s Intimidating Shout also helps. Since these are caster mobs, interrupts are vital. Spell Lock, Counterspell, Silence, Shield Bash, Intercept, Intervene and others are invaluable. Since the majority of damage done by both Keli’dan and the Channelers is shadow-based, shadow resistance should be heavily favored, especially on the tank. This could very well mean the difference between life or death, wipe or victory.

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While not the hardest instance ever, The Blood Furnace can be difficult if you have the wrong group. The trash is easy, but the bosses are tough, so read up and it’ll be fast and easy.
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