Guide to Hellfire Citadel: Hellfire Ramparts - Overview, Trash, and Watchkeeper Gargolmar

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Instance Overview

Zone: Hellfire Peninsula

Recommended Level Range: 59-63

Boss Count: 3

Completion Time: 60-90 Minutes


Weaken the Ramparts, Dark Tidings

Trash Mobs


There is a large variety of trash mobs inside Hellfire Ramparts. Most pulls will be a minimum of three, and range up to six. Crowd control is extremely important in this instance, with a Mage being preferred. Rogues trying to crowd control will have difficulty in some areas, as there are a lot of wolves who can see through stealth. Warlocks can Seduce and Priests can Mind Control, as most of the mobs are humanoids, but this isn’t the preferred method.

Pulls need to be made carefully, especially if the levels of the group are on the low end. Every member of the party will have to be on top of every aspect, as things can go wrong very quickly. An alternative to a lot of crowd control would be a Paladin AoE-tanking, but this method isn’t recommended without a very strong healer and tank.


Trash is virtually unchanged on heroic mode. Of course, mobs hit much harder, as they do in all heroics. Crowd control becomes even more important than on normal mode, as one mistake can easily lead to a wipe. Pulls must be made very carefully, watching out for patrols and additional groups.

Boss Fight - Watchkeeper Gargolmar


This is the first boss you will encounter in the instance, but there is quite a bit of trash to clear to him. He paths up and down the corrider so you need to be constantly on the lookout as you are clearing to him. I recommend clearing a full half of the corridor, well into his pathing zone, before pulling him. Doing this gives you the highest chance of survival, as there is less risk of pulling extra mobs.

Gargolmar is accompanied by two Orc Healers, which need to be crowd controlled or killed before the DPS engages Gargolmar. The tank should focus on Gargolmar from the start. To shorten the fight, it is best to keep one healer crowd-controlled the entire fight, and kill the other one off quickly. The healer will not do much damage to the group, so the tank shouldn’t worry too much if he doesn’t have aggro on it the entire time. After one healer is dead, kill Gargolmar, then kill the second healer.


A previously negligible ability that decreases healing taken by the afflicted becomes much more deadly on heroic mode. Keeping the tank alive may become impossible in some cases. Killing him quickly can help, as can having an off-tank who can absorb debuffs while the main tank’s debuffs wear off.

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Designed for players levels 59-63, Hellfire Ramparts is a fast and easy instance with great rewards. On heroic, it can be quite difficult, but players can easily master it on normal and heroic by following these simple tips.

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